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Choose your good day

1. How will be the day?

Count the constellation from your Janma-Nakshatra to the ruling constellation on the day in question, and to that figure add the number denoted by the ruling tithi at the time, as also that denoted by the day of the week counting from Sunday, and the number of the rising sign counting from Aries; divide the total by eight. If remainder is 1 it shows disease; 2. Gains; 3. Travel; 4. Loss of independence; 5. Gain of money;

6. Wealth; 7. Loss of property; fear of untimely death.

2. To choose your good day:

Count the constellation from your Janma-Nakshatra to that of the day in question; and to that number add the number denoted by the tithi on that day and also that of the weekday counting from Sunday. Multiply the total by four and divide the product by nine. If the remainder is 1, it signifies uneasiness; 2. Splendour; 3. Evil;

4. Gain; 5. Corn; 6. Frenzy; 7. Rambling; 8. Danger to life; 9. Uneasiness.

The weekdays are auspicious for following purposes:

Sunday: Coronation (rajyabhishek), singing, dancing (nritya, laasya i. e. dance by woman & man together), to start or to enter service, to have cattle, yagyayaag karna, mantro-updesha, to take or give medicine, shastrambh, to decorate or ornament, to take or to put on or to buy woolen or skin (leather) clothes, to go to war, vaat lagana, peeth lagana, acts of bravery, gold transactions.

Monday: To buy or transact in shankh, kamal, moti or such like aquatic articles, to take out things from water or sea, sugar cane or silver transaction, to plant tree, water games or acts, to install sprinklers, to dig well or to make drains, water games or like acts, beautification of any sort, singing, dancing, milk, dairy, flowers, clothes, to give dinner, stri sang, for cohabitation.

Tuesday: To steal, to cheat, to lit, anarth kukarm karna, to do violent acts, to burn, to poison, to fight, any act relating to electricity, to do operation on the body, to kill, to destroy, to fight, to deceive, mining, transaction in gold, copper or coral, sena kapadav daalna, blood shed, to ignite, to distill, to start furnace by giving fire to it, works relating to gems (wearing, cutting etc.), sea exploration, to dig out sea articles.

Wednesday: works of intelligence & cleverness, to give alms, to study arts & crafts, to start service or business, oratory, to debate, alchemy, metal work, to befriend, to do exercise, yoga, to compete.

Thursday: Dharam karma, religious rites, pooja, yojya, domestic chores, clothes, pilgrimages, vehicles, medicines,pushti karma, mangala karna, decorations & ornaments.

Friday: female singing, dancing, jewellery, perfumes etc. arts, vanijya, commerce, land and shop, selling and buying of cows, female company, boring of holes, agricultural transactions, purchase of vehicles.

Saturday: All acts of long lasting aspects, iron & steel, store, lead, boring work, weapons, service, evil acts, to lie, to steal, poisoning, distilling, entering a house, laying foundation stone, oil message, to start a new machinery, extracting oil, hiring labour, to set a bone, initiation of a mantra.

Note: If required weekday is not available or waited, its hora or vaar vela should be taken.

The tithis (Moon - Sun / 12) are auspicious for following purposes:

Nanda: (1,6,11) joyful & festive acts such as ceremonies of Gods or house hold ceremonies, furnishings, decoration, singing, dancing, agricultural acts, to put on new clothes or ornaments or for use of other articles of comforts & luxuries in short all celebrations.

Bhadra: (2,7,12) marriage, vehicle purchase & commissioning, travels, to learn arts & crafts, for occupying chair of high power & position.

Jaya: (3,8,13) to go to war, to combat, to prepare weapons or flags of war, to start a quarrel, to litigate, eviction from property, house hold chores, medicines, trades.

Rikta: (4,9,14) auspicious acts be avoided, recommended for acts of violence, to attract, to give' poison, to kill, to cheat, to bluff, to harm others, siddhi (self denial), fire weapons, to burn, to enslave, liquor.

Poorna: (5,10,15,30) Marriage etc., travels, shanti karan, pushti karan, gambling, acts of violence, avoid coitus on these tithis, auspicious for starring construction of houses & buildings, for getting vehicles, on amavasaya -pitri karan is done.

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