Nakshatras and Classification of nakshatras

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Nakshatras and Classification of nakshatras

Nakshatras: There are 27 nakshatras as under:- 1 Aswini; 2 Bharani; 3 Krittika; 4 Rohini; 5 Mrigashira; 6 Aridra; 7 Punarvasu; 8 Pushya; 9 Aslesha: 10 Magha; 11 Purvaphalguni; 12 Uttaraphalguni; 13 Hasta; 14 Chitra; 15 Swati; 16 Vishakha; 1" Anuradha; 18 Jyestha; 19 Moola; 20 Purvashadha; 21 Uttarashadha; 22 Sravana; 23 Dhanishta; 24 Satabhisha; 25 Purvabhadrapada; 26 Uttarabhadrapada; 27 Revati.

Favourable nakshatras for marriage are number 4,12,21,26,27,19,15,5, 10,17, 13, 1, 14,22, 23.

Classification of nakshatras:

A. 1. Fixed sthira (constant)

Uttaraphalguni, Uttarashada, Uttarabhadra, Rohini i.e., stars nos. 12,21,26,4. Good for coronation, foundation laying, digging a well, house building, upnayana, nagar or grahapravesha, agriculture or horticulture, starting service, etc. and All acts mentioned in Gentle and Friendly nakshatras can also be done in these.

2. Movable chara, chala

Swati, Punarvasu, Shravana, Dhanishtha, Satabhisha i.e., stars nos. 15, 7, 22, 23, 24. Good for riding on vehicles, horses, elephants, starting of factory/machinery/vehical (wherever motion is profitable). All acts mentioned in Short and Dynamic nakshatras can also be done in these nakshatras.

3. Aggressive, cruel uggara, karoora Poorvaphalguni, Poorvashada, Poorvabhadra, Bharani, Magha i.e., stars nos. 11, 20 25 2 10 Suitable for killing, cheating, works involving use of fire, theft, poisoning, research on poisonous medicines, purchase sale and use of arms, surgical operations, obtaining licence of a gun etc administering medicine, ignite, vandalism and violent acts. All acts mention in sharp & volatile nakshatras can also be done in these nakshatras.

4. Mixed & ordinary misra, sadharan

Vishakha and Krittika i.e., stars nos. 3,16. Good for fire works, welding, melting, gas works, fabrications, preparing medicines, boilers, furnaces, electric works, electrolysis, any work relating to the act of agni dena such as start of furnace etc.

5. Short and dynamic kshipra, laghu

Hasta, Aswini, Pushya, Abhijit i.e., stars nos. 13, 1, 8, 22 A. Suitable for construction & starting a shop, selling, sex, starting education, making and wearing ornaments, fine arts, learning & display of arts etc., travelling, dancing, singing, acting, beauty parlours. All acts mentioned in movable nakshatras can also be done in these nakshatars.

6. Gentle friendly mridu, maitri

Mrigshira, Revati, Chitra, Anuradha i.e., stars nos. 5,27, 14, 17. Good for all auspicious ceremonies, 16 samskarcis, start of occupation/service/business, singing, learning, music, making & wearing clothes, playing, learning game, making friends, making & wearing ornamnets, stree or mittra sang. All acts mentioned in Fixed and Constant nakshatras can also be done in these nakshatras.

7. Ferocious & bitter teekshna-daruna

Moola, Jyestha, Ardra, Aslesha i.e., stars nos. 19, 6, 18, 9. Good for starting tantrik acts (acts directed to harm others from a distance), killing, black magic, aggressive and deadly deeds, to divide others, to train and control animals and for "sadhana" or "hatha-yogas", where violence or sacrifices are directed towards self, sammohana karna, uchchattana karna, dhokha-gharhi, vadha, hera-pheri karna.
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