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Yogas formed by Mars

Mars denotes courage, valour, anger, aggressiveness, arrogance, physical strength, risky pursuits, adultery, administrative capabil�ity, leadership, command of an army, dominance, royal pursuits, injury, surgical operations and warfare. It has a bilious constitu�tion. It rules over the musculature and bone marrow in the body.

Mars also represents the brothers or siblings of a native, as also the southern direction. Heat, summer, burns and fire are also under the control of Mars. Mars has a medium stature, fair complexion, a youthful appearance, fierce red eyes and a slender waist. It is fickle but generous, with short and curly hair.

Mars is easily excitable, ever eager to hurt, has a valorous but cruel nature, and is inclined to undertake risky ventures. Mars instils an element of dominance and aggressiveness into any planetary combination. It also denotes physical injury and surgical operations. It is considered a potent malefic according to classical astrological descriptions. In the modem context, how�ever, it is a planet that, along with other malefics, bestows technical education. The role of Mars in causing marital disharmony is well recognised though often overstated.