Important considerations on bhadra

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Important considerations on bhadra

1. Last 3 ghatis of bhadra are auspicious.

2. Bhadra be better avoided for commencing good deeds. Because Krishna paksha bhadra is like poison in the sting (Scorpio) and Shukla paksha bhadra is like poison in mouth (naga, sarpina).

3. In case of unavoidable circumstances, auspicious deeds can be commenced during bhadra tail in Shukla paksha and during bhadra mouth in Krishna paksha.

4. Deeds which can be started in bhadra are to imprison, to poison, to put to fire, use of arms & armaments, to cut an article, any work relating to buffaloes, camel or horse, uchhattan etc.

5. In case of travel during bhadra, at least avoid the direction in which bhadra resides.

6. Bhadra is ineffective during nighttime and daytime when bhadra starts during daytime and during nighttime respectively.

7. During the month of Pisces Sankrianti, bhadra becomes auspicious after Mahadeva or Ganesh aradhana, Devi Poojan or Vishnu - surya sadhana.

8. Effects of bhadra are felt as per the loka (world) in which it resides and the deeds of that loka should be avoided in that bhadra. Commencement of any auspicious work must be avoided during Bhadra,when transit Moon is in signs Cancer, Leo, Aquarius and Pisces.

9. Tuesday, bhadra, Vyatipata, Vaidhriti and janama nakshatra are shubha in afternoon.

5. 21 great evils (ekavimsati mahadoshas) 21 koota There are 21 great evils (21 koota) that are to be avoided. If not possible, neutralising combinations be taken advantage which act as antidotes.

1. Panchanga Shuddhi: All 5 components should be auspicious. (Tuesday is not evil after mid-day or if Mars is strong).

2. Surya Sankramana: When Sun is about to leave a sign and enter next sign (16ghatis, i.e. 6h 24m both before & after entry into a sign).

3. Kartari Dosha: Lagna hemmed between evil planets.

4. Shashtashta Riphagatha Chandra Dosha: Moon in 6, 8 or 12 in muhurta kundli be avoided. (Chandrashtama is not evil when Moon is waxing, or is in a benefic sign and benefic navamsa or when Moon and 8th lord are friends).

5. Sagraha Chandra Dosha: Moon's conjunction with any planet is avoided.

6. Lagna Shuddhi: Lagna and 7th lord be strong.

7. Durmuhurta: Muhurtas 1,2,4,10,11,12,15 during daytime and 1,2,6,7 during nighttime are in auspicious. (Divided day or night time in 15 parts)

8. Gadantas: All the 3 gadantas (i. nakshatra gadanta is last 2 ghatis of Jyestha, Revati, Aslesha; 1st 2 ghatis of Aswini, Moola, Magha. ii. Lagna gadanta is last Vi ghati of sign 4, 8, 12 and 1st Vi ghati of sign 1, 5, 9. iii. Tithi gadanta is last 1 ghati of Poorna tithis (5, 10, 15) and 1st 1 ghati of Nanda tithis (1, 6, 11). Dosha removed if Moon or Jupiter is strong. No dosha if gadanta coincides with abhijit nakshatra.

9. Papashadvarga: Malefics should not be strong in muhurta shadavargas.

10. Bhrigu Shatka: Venus in 6th is avoided specially for marriage.

11. Kujasthama: Mars in 8th be avoided.

12. Ashtama Lagna Dosha: 8th sign ofjanama lagna of both boy and girl should not be lagna in muhurta kundii.

13. Rasi Visha Ghatika: Even if lagna is strong, avoid 1st navamsa on Wednesday and Saturday, 5th navamsa on Monday and Friday and last navamsa on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

14. Kunavamsa Dosha: Lagna should not occupy a malefic navamsa.

15. Vara Dosha: Avoid Tuesday, prefer Thursday, Friday.

16. Grahanothpatha Dosha: Nakshatra in which eclipses appear be avoided for 6 months.

17. Ekargala Dosha: Occurs when Yogas Vyaghaata, Ganda, Vyatipaata, Shoola, Vishakumbha, Vaidhriti, Vajra, Parigha or Atiganda prevail at muhurta and at the same time the count from Sun's nakshatra to that of Moon is odd. (In this count Abhijit nakshatra is included). It should be avoided.

18. Krura Samyuta Dosha: This dosha occurs if Sun and Moon on vivaah day occupy rasi positions as 1/5 or 2/10 or 9/3 or 4/8 or 6/12 or 7/11. In the figure this dosha becomes clear. If Moon is in Aries & Sun is in Leo in sign 5 corresponding to sign 1 or vice versa, this dosha occurs.

19. Akalagharjitha Vrishti Dosha: This dosha occurs when there is rainfall and thunder out of season.

20. Mahapata Dosha: When declination of Sun and Moon are equal and on the same side of equator.

21. Vaidhriti Dosha: 27th Yoga (Vyatipatct or Vaidhriti doshas are defunct after mid-day).

Neutralising factors to off set any of the above doshas: 1. Moon should not be in lagna except in Taurus or Cancer sign or when it is full Moon.

2. No planet should be in 7th. However, benefics like Moon, Mercury, Venus or Jupiter in 7th are not bad as per Jyotisha Tattwa Vivek or Muhurta Ganapati.

3. A Planet in exaltation or Venus, Mercury or Jupiter in lagna completely destroys all evils.

4. Moon or Sun in 11th is a antidote to all evils.

5. Jupiter or Venus in kendra and malefics in 3, 6 or 11 remove all doshas of Panchanga shuddhi.

6. Visha ghatis:

Visha ghatis or tyajaya kala or negative period of a nakshatra must be avoided for starting any auspicious deeds. These bad ghatis last 4 ghatis (1 hour 36 minutes) after 30 ghatis of the commencement of Krittika, Punarvasu, Magha and Revati; after 40 ghatis of the commencement of Rohini; after 32 ghatis of the commencement of Ashlesha; after 50 ghatis of the commencement of Ashwini; after 18 ghatis of the commencement of U. Phalguni and Shatabhisha; after 20 ghatis of the commencement of P. phalguni, Chitra, U. Shadha and Pushya; after 21 ghatis of the commencement of Aridra and Hasta; after 24 ghatis of the commencement of U.bhadra, P.shadha and Bharani; after 14 ghatis of the commencement of Vishakha, swati, Mrigashira and Jyestha; after 16 ghatis of the commencement of P. bhadra; after 10 ghatis ofthe commencement of Anuradha, dhanishta and sravana and aftei 56 ghatis of the commencement of Moola. Likewise, visha ghatis of tithis are 4 ghatis after 15, 5, 8, 7, 7, 5, 4, 8, 7, 10, 3, 10, 12, 7 and 8 ghatis of the commencement of the tithis Pratipada to Chaturdashi, Amavasya or Poornima, as the case may be, respectively. Similarly, vishaghatis of week-days (vaar) are 4 ghatis after 20,2, 12, 10, 7, 5 and 25 ghatis of the commencement of Sunday, Monday Saturday respectively. Cancellation of this dosha: The dosha of visha ghatis cancels if Moon is in an angle and is aspected by benefic planets.

Journeys: If Sun and Moon are in Uttarayana, then the journey towards east and north is auspicious. If Sun and Moon are in Dakshinayana, then the journey towards west and south is auspicious. If situation of Sun and Moon are different ayans, then the journey in the direction indicated by Sun may be made during daytime and that indicated by Moon will be auspicious if made during nighttime.

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