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Vivaah panchang shuddhi

Marriages in Indian society are prohibited during following days:

1. When Jupiter or/ and Venus is/ are combust (it is called tara dooba hat).

2. When Sun transverses through Sagittarius and the month is Paushya, through Pisces and the month is Chaitra. This dosha nullifies if Sun is in Capricorn & Aries respectively in those months.

3. When Jupiter or/and Venus are in old age or are in child hood stage.

Note: i. Jupiter and Venus are combust as long as the difference between them & Sun remains below 11 and 9 respectively.

ii. Before becoming combust, planets have old age and are called setting, and after coming out of combustion, they are said to rise and are in their childhood.

iii. The time of these stages for muhurta purposes is 3 days each on both sides.

4. During Kashya or adhika months/tithis.

5. When Jupiter is in Capricorn up to 5.

6. When Jupiter is in Leo from 13. 20' to 16- 40' (but if during this period Sun is in Aries, dosha gets annulled & it becomes auspicious).

7. 8 days before Holi festival, (it is called holashtaka dosha)

8. During sharaadha days.

9. During mrityu panchak days.

10. Marriage should be done in vedha rahita nakshatras of Mrigashira, Hasta, Moola. Anuradha, Magha, Rohini, Revati, Uttaraphalguni, Uttarashadha, Uttarabhadrapada. Swati, on tithis except the Rikta tithis and the Amavasya tithi and on auspicious days (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), Sunday, Saturdays are medium, Tuesdays be better avoided, 1st pada of Magha & 4th of Revati be avoided.

11. Rejectable yogas are viatipata, Dhurva, Ganda, Vajra, Shoola, Vishkhambha, Atigand, Vyaghat, Parigha and combinations of Mrityu yoga.

12. Karan: Vishti (bhadra) be avoided.

13. Reject pushya Thursday combination and also even when Moon is in pushya star.

14. Gemini, Virgo, Libra, is the best lagnas. Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius & Aquarius are medium. The rest are just good.

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