Remedies for planet Ketu according to Lal Kitab
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Lal Kitab Remedies for planet Ketu

Remedies for planet Ketu as per Lal Kitab

- Feeding dogs is useful if Ketu is present inauspiciously in the horoscope.

- Ketu is considered to be a dog. Sesame is also donated among the objects of Ketu donation.

- Ganapati is the lord of Ketu. If the behaviour of son is not proper, the ill effect of Ketu goes off by donating quilt at the temple.

- Adorning pure silk thread and pearl in silver ring is useful if one has trouble in feet or has urinary infection.

Whereas Ketu is assumed as dog, it is assumed as son too. Therefore one should feed bread to dogs when trouble befalls son, native's relation with relative, associated with feelings, protects him. When the relative does not remain alive, the objects representing all this should necessarily be adorned.

- When Jupiter is in the twelfth house, and as long as his father and grandfather are alive, native's night passes peacefully. After their death, native should necessarily adorn the objects related with Jupiter for the sake of peaceful sleep. For example pulse, gram, saffron, gold should be kept close during night. Sound sleep will come thus.

In the event of Moon being malefic sitting in the eleventh house, the native's wife should, change the place when she feels the labour pain and should not look at the child's face for 52 days. The idea behind this is that the Moon, which signifies mother, is going to confer ill effect on child, aspecting fifth house. It is better if the cause that is mother gets away so that the ill effect of Moon also goes off.

In the same way if Mars, sitting in the house of luck, becomes malefic, the wife of native's brother should do the nursing and service. It is related with the ninth house. Third house is of brother and the seventh of third is house of brother's wife. On the basis of this principle, when positioned in the seventh house Mars is malefic, nursing brother's son will be beneficial: Reason being fifth house of third is seventh. Similarly if Mars in the second house of Taurus is malefic, the conjunction of childlessness is formed as its fourth house aspects fifth house. However if the native is fostering his family members, he does not become childless. Second house is of family. Hence he should nurse it.

When Saturn is in the fifth house and Sun is in the Leo sign, native's son faces trouble during construction of house. This trouble befalls only when the native starts building house and not when his son builds or buys a house. The parental house should be in the west when Saturn is in the fifth house (Saturn is ruler of west direction). The objects related with the enemy planet of Saturn remove ill effect of Saturn. Saturn's enemy Sun's objects are such as wheat, jaggery, copper, brown buffalo etc.

Planet in the seventh house from a reference house or planet in the seventh house benefits original planet or the house. For example, if Saturn is in the tenth house, the fourth house benefits. Sun is seventh from Jupiter, it helps Sun. But that happens only until the object of the seventh house is completed. For example, if Saturn is sitting in tenth house, house (fourth house) will not be built. Saturn coming to seventh from fourth will benefit fourth house but after the house is constructed, Saturn will not be useful for fourth house anymore.

How planets are sitting together, whose objects should be donated and whose objects should be adorned?

- Jupiter and Sun are together and native faces financial difficulty, the objects related with Jupiter, such as eating saffron, adorning gold and book donation should be made.

- If Sun and Saturn are together and health of native's wife is suffering, donate maize equivalent to her weight.

- If Sun and Saturn are together and Saturn is afflicted due to the power of Sun, that is house etc. related with Saturn are being destroyed, donate objects related with Sun. If due to presence of Saturn woman's objects such as gold and jaggery are suffering loss, donate objects related with Saturn such as iron, oil, almond etc.

- If Sun and Rahu are together, floating objects such as coal, mustard etc, related with Rahu, in the river will be useful during solar eclipse: Meaning thereby that objects of harmful planets should be donated.

- If Moon and Rahu are together (eclipse conjunction), immersing Rahu's objects or Saturn's objects (Saturn is also enemy of Moon) in river during lunar eclipse will exalt Moon.

- If Mars and Mercury are together and the health of sister is suffering, bury the objects of Mars such as brown sugar, honey, aniseed etc filled in an earthen pot (surahi) at an isolated place. This will be the remedy to calm down Mars. All the above mentioned remedies should be undertaken during the daytime.

Indications of Malefic Ketu in the Horoscope

1. Son is ill or may even die.

2. Native suffers from imaginary fears.

3. One looses off nail of feet or has repeated injuries on knees/ legs.

4. Makes native move out for more than 100 days on transfer/ tour etc.

5. One suffers from urinary/ mental problems/ undiagnosed disease or may have suicidal tendency.

6. One may suffer from enlargement of spleen, hydrocele, epidemics, eruptive fever, cuts/ wounds, feet burning, joint's pain, leprosy or ailments of skin, backbone, ear, hernia, tumour or diseases below navel.

7. Dog cries on roof of the native.

Remedies of Malefic Ketu

1. Keep a black dog as pet or on Sunday mornings, give part of food to a black dog.

2. Donate black & white blanket in a temple or to a Sadhu on a Sunday morning.

3. Donate milk, rice, red Masoordaal, DesiKhand, or honey for safety and welfare of children.

4. Worship Lord Ganesh.

5. Sleep on the bed received in dowry.

6. Get ears pierced and put in golden rings.

7. Donate Kapila cow, Til, gold, musk, black & white blanket, sugar, lead, mix grains or onions to a sikh or to a low caste.

8. Take two identical black & white stones; keep one with you and throw other in running water or if Sun is in 4th house, then in a well.

9. Wear silver rings in thumbs of both feet.

10. Wear gold chain and put Tiiak of Saffron.

11. Bury milk & honey in foundation of the house.

12. On main gate Choukhat, put copper plate.

13. Give part of your income, to wife's brother or sons of sister/ daughter.

14. For children's welfare, offer Chana-daal & Saffron in a temple on Thursdays or if one goes out for over 100 days, drop copper coins in a river.

15. To get over" Divine debt", collect equal money from all members of the family and feed 100 dogs.

16. Bury silver vessel in the shape of a pitcher filled with honey outside your house.

17. Do not construct your house over a plot purchased from a person without a son.

18. Flow in running water, banana, lemon, Imli or tangy things.

19. If Ketu is afflicted in 11th house, keep reddish/ yellow lemon/ articles associated with Saturn by the bedhead of the lady of the house in the night and offer these in the morning in a temple. This will have good effect on wife and son.

20. If Ketu is malefic in 8th house, appease Moon by offering milk to Lord Shiva (in Linga form), or by donating yellow lemons in a religious place, or by feeding a dog with milk for 15 days.

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