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Energizing or Puja is the most important aspect to get benefits from any religious items.parad shivling Our ancient text clearly states that without Pran Prathista or enegizing, you cannot get the results and the pran prathistha shall done by the process specified in our ancient text. At Astroshastra , we keep follow proper procedure to energzie the Parad Shivling. All the procedures and rituals are performed on the lingam so that our esteemed customers get the desired results by placing it at home or office. We have already done the Pran Prathistha on the Shivling, you have to open the Packet and follow some steps and place it in your Puja place. We at Astroshastra, have tried to extract the best and short procedure which you can follow in your home to energize the lingam.

Procedure for Energzing of Shivling :

While placing it in home or office, one should ensure about the auspiciousness of the timings, one should perform the process of place it. It can be performed on any auspicious rising moon Monday or Saturday or Poornima.

1. Choose the sthir lagna , auspicious mahurat for puja.

2. Take a bath, and purify yourself from body, mind, and soul. lord shiva

3. Wear White/Red colored clothes. Sit down on a Red colored Asana, with your face directed to East.

4. Place your altar on wooden table and place the Parad Shivling on it .

5. Place the image or idol of Lord Shiva on the altar.

6. Chant OM GANG GANPATYE NAMAHA and pray to Lord Ganesha, Isht deva and Shiva to make your puja successful and be present there with you and protect you.

7. Pour the Ganges water (Gangajal) on it while chanting OM NAMAH SHIVAYE and sprinkle it on a person or in the premises.
parad lingam
8. Light three incense sticks and One lamp (Deshi Ghee).

9. Wipe the shivling with cotton cloth.

10. Now offer Milk on shivlinga.

11. Wipe it again with clea cloth or paper napkin.

12. Offer fresh flowers to it.

13. Offer BILVAPATRA, Dhatura and chant the mantra of 'Om Namah Shivay' a hundred and eight times.

14. Now place the Shivling in your Puja Ghar of your home, office or factory.

Astroshastra , ensures that it is Complete with 8 Sanskaars (8 stage of Purifications done as per Parad Sanmhita) and removal of Saptakanchuki (100 % medicated and hygienic). It will give fruitful results regarding Vastudosha, Grahapeeda, Court matters, Bussiness, sevice, Success in Studies, Health, Wealth, , Peace and Harmony.

This procedure can be done on every Monthly shivratri or Poornima (Full moon night), this will recharge charge your Pard shivling. We provide the energized Parad Shivlinga to our esteemed clients so that you can just offer regular prayers only on it by liting diya in front of it and offer devoted worships to Lord Shiva and put forth your desires and difficulties of life in front of him. If you have any query or clarification in this regard, please feel free to contact us at consult@astroshastra.com


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