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Journeys, Travels (Muhurta)

1. Tithis: - Inauspicious for journeys: 6th, 8th, 12th, pratipada( 1st tithi of the shukla paksha), 30th (Amavasya), 15th (Poornamasi) and rikta (4th, 9th, 14th)

Notes: - a. If rejected tithis make Amrit Yoaga/Siddhayoga etc. with the combination of day etc.. then journey will be auspicious.

b. Any tithi or other combinations forming Yogas like dagdha, mrityu, karakacha, Samvartak, Visha, hutashana Yamghant should be avoided altogether.

2. Nakshatara: - Hasta (13), Aswini (1), Pushya (8), Mrigashira (5), Revati (27), Anuradha (17), Sravana (22), Dhanishta (23), P.Vasu (7), are best & auspicious. All fixed nakshatras {the 3 Uttaras (12,21,26)} and Rohini (4) are medium. Rest be avoided. If it is necessary to travel in avoidable nakshatras then avoid first as many ghatis as given below being kroora or cruel.

Vaar-nakshatra shpola:

(Note: - Direction is to be seen from the place of start of journeys). Journeys in dik shoola or nakshatra shoola should be avoided. Dik (Vaar) shoola conciding with nakshatra shoola must be avoided.

Note: - Journey in Saravan, Hasta, Pushya, and Mrigashira is always auspicious any time, any day.

3. Karana: Avoid Bhadra (Vishti karna).

4. Vaar (day) Thursdays & Fridays are best. Sundays Mondays Wednesday are medium. Saturdays Tuesday be avoided.

5. Yoga: - Avoid Vyatipaat, Vaidhriti and first half of Parigha yoga.

6. Yogini shoola: - Yogini resides in one direction or the other on any tithi: Yogini in front or left hand side is to be avoided.

7. Ghaat: - (painful, pain giving, killing)

a. Ghaat Chandra: Moon in various rasis in natal chart when transits a specific sign as per table given below becomes ghaat (i.e. pain giving Moon) & should be avoided for making journeys in these days, going to join govt, sevice or for fight. It is also ghaat in certain padas of constellations as indicated: -

b. Ghaat tithis; days; nakshatra; lagnas

8. Chandra nivas: In a Journey transiting Moon in front and on right side is auspicious.

9. Kaala-pasha nivasa: Avoid journeys in those directions where Kaala & pasha reside on a particular direction on a particular week-day during day or night:

10. Digdwar lagna: For certain directions, there are digdwar lagnas.

9. Chaugharhia or chaturghatikamuhurta: The following table indicates the verious periods in day time or in night time which are auspicious or inauspicious to start any journey or to commence any good deed. The periods called amrit, shubha, laabha and chara are auspicious and the periods known as kaal, udwega and roga are inauspicious.

Important kaalas:

1. Godhuli or evening ascendant: It is auspicious for doing all good deeds. In this lagna no special dosha of nakshatra, tithi, karana, lagna, day,, navamsha, muhurta, 'yoga, 'the situation of planets in the 8th house and Jamitra etc. is considered. This lagna is 7th from Sun. Moon in 2, 3, 11 are very auspicious. Avoid Moon or Mars in lagna, Moon in 6th and Mars in 7th. 8th house from godhuli lagna should be vacant.

Godhuli lagna - 7th sign from Sunrise is named Godhuli lagna.

Different views regarding duration of this muhutra are:

1. The duration of 12 minutes before and after the semi-sunset {Muhurta Ganapati).

2. 48 minutes semi-sunset.

3. In summer in the lunar months of Jyestha and Ashada, it is the time during sunset when half of the Sun's disc appears. In spring in the lunar months of Chaitra and Viasakha, it is the time when the Sun disappears during sunset. In the rainy season and in autumn m the four lunar months, of Svavana, B'nadrapada, Aswini and Karttika, it is the time when sunset is complete. In late autumn and winter, in the four lunar months of Margasira, Pushya, Magha and Phalguna, it is the time when the Sun appears like a round lump of food.

Merits of this muhutra: The Godhuli Muhurta is highly praised in Muhurta Chintamani and Muhutrta Ganapati. One need not examine Tithi (lunar day), Vara (weekday), Nakshatra (asterism), Yoga, Karana, Lagna, Navamsa, 8th house, Muhurta, Jamitra, Latta, and Patha etc., for the Godhuli Muhutra. It is excellent for all activities.

Some Blemishes of this Muhurta......

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