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Rahu and Ketu in Hindu Astrology have a great signification. These are shadow planets because they have no physical bodies. These are called NODES in Western Astrology, Rahu is known as Dragon's head and Ketu as Dragon's tail. These always move in Retrograde motion and are known for giving sudden and unexpected results. They cast their aspects on 5th, 7th and 9th houses from their positions. But they carry the effects of the planet with which these are conjoined. Rahu is exalted in TAURUS. According to Hindu Astrology, "RAHU VAT SANI, KUJ VAT KETU" means Rahu acts as Saturn and Ketu as Mars these have SEPARATIVE EFFECT.

We now detail the effects of Rahu and Ketu in different houses in the birth chart.

According to Kalidasa, Rahu owns Aquarius and rules Scorpio, is exalted in Taurus, debilitated in Scorpio, Rahu's friendly signs are Libra and Capricorn. Inimical signs are Leo and Cancer. Its neutral signs are Aries, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Rahu and Ketu act according to planet to which they are conjoined or planets aspect thereto or the lord of the house where the Nodes are posited. They are strong when exalted.


1. RAHU IN 1ST HOUSE : Rahu in lagna indicates honours, wealth and favours through religious educational or scientific affairs.

It adds powers to the personality and one becomes self expressive. The native is inclined to malacious sex acts, amorous and fond of company of opposite sex. Rahu in Aries, Taurus or Cancer in ascendant protects the native from all kinds of troubles of health or enemies. Rahu in Leo makes the man wealthy and enjoys more luxuries. The native gains with help of friends and sudden acquisition and use of own and of others wealth with their effective grace. Bereft of enemies, surrounded by charming ladies. Gain of wealth if posited in Leo, Cancer or Aries, unstable and one has black mole on the face.

Exalted Rahu in Taurus (NOT in Gemini) bestows Govt; recognition. In other signs, a lot of troubles and grief. Strife with Govt; worried due to sickness. One performs lot of benevolent work.

Rahu in Ascendant is very significant. The native makes great strides in life. Gains honour, wealth and favour through religious, educational and scientific achievements. Dominating personality. Gain and happiness through own initiative. Slow to pick up new ideas.

An afflicted Rahu indicates lot of troubles and sufferings, inert, selfish, cruel, merciless, liar, irreligious, immoral and sick. Wicked, cheats people, suffers headaches, ailments, sensual and yet strong. Such persons are bold and agitated.

if in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Virgo and Capricorn it forms Rajyoga which indicates prosperity and charity.- If it is associated with malefics, face is blemished. Firm, sensual, very sexy and well dressed. This position denies happiness through wife and sons. Danger and trouble through water. Billiousness, quarrelsome, extravagant. Favourable, if in own sign.

Well aspected and strongly posited in lagna, Rahu indicates that native does much benevolent work. Rahu in Aries makes one merciful, in Leo, uninvolved, in Sagittarius very interfering, if in Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn or Pisces fault finding nature if posited in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.

2. RAHU IN 2ND HOUSE: It indicates fortune through heredity or gain by legacy and gifts, by science and learning. Increases the possessions, removes wants and bestows affluence. One becomes untruthful, insincere and talkative. Opposes others. He may apprehend danger or assault from enemies. Early period of life will not be happy.

One is selfish, unhappy but rich in foreign land. Much opposition. Speech defect, stammering. Gain and happiness from Govt; Gain through leather goods and stolen property. Relatives are dexterous. One is billious, bright and has name and fame. More than one wife subject to other checks. Profitable business alliances.

If afflicted, Rahu causes loss, ill repute, one is proud, has thievish nature, unfortunate, lives with low people, gain from trade in fish. Harsh, averse to friendly advice. Too much hard work, offensive, disagrees, untruthful and it denies success. If associated with malefics, loss of family and many opponents and may cause family bickerings. If auspicious, mark of mole in the chin.

Rahu is favourable in Virgo or Aquarius, strong or weak position hardly makes any difference if posited in Feminine signs, it is favourable.

In Masculine signs and in inimical positions Rahu indicate loss of patrimony and ancestral property. Disputes and great losses. Luck favours after death of father, money comes and goes easily. Rahu in feminine sign indicates gain and success through big establishments. Spend thrift. Values name more than wealth.

3. RAHU IN 3RD HOUSE : In 3rd house, Rahu is very favourable. It indicates interest in spiritual or educational matters adds quality to the mentality, gain through brothers, neighbours and journeys, writings or publications. One has fixity of purpose and is proud, courageous; Intelligent, optimistic and valorous. Profitable business. He attains good fortune and is long lived.

One is lucky and is friend to all. Victory over enemies, renowned, lives in luxury, state authority and charitable. If exalted in Taurus, one is fortunate, blessed with wife, sons, friends, servants and conveyance.

Rahu indicates bravery, courage, industry, fortune, wealth, state honour, health, many friends, travel, annihilator of the enemy, Agricultural wealth. Rahu in Leo indicates an imposing personality.

In Feminine signs, it is favourable, maraka for sisters. In Masculine signs, it is maraka for brother. Two brothers can not live together. First born baby is not spared. If afflicted, Rahu indicates harsh speech, evil thoughts, illegal cohabitation, pilgrimage, may deny progney, secluded life, ill health, impediments, obstacles, wound by accident, change of residence, worries due to children and financial losses unable to lead independent life means dependent. Suspicious nature and mind.

4. RAHU IN 4TH HOUSE: Gain by means of property and in an unexpected manner. Fortunate in discovery or in findings. Ancestry, noble, long lived and trustworthy. No happiness from brothers, and sisters. Hard hearted, deceptive and worried. Stomach disease. But in Aries, Taurus, Gemini or Virgo denotes gain from Govt; Rahu here in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer or Virgo indicates a Rajyoga. Much travelling with a lot of surprises. Troubles if with Sun. Good luck durihg 36th to 56th years age.

If afflicted indicates, ailing mother, unhappy, quarrelsome, living in foreign country, separation from the community. Lonely life in a solitary place, association with low and wicked. Haughty, sexy, inert, tense and unfortunate. Vayoging and strife. Discord and loss of wealth.

Rahu in Gemini, Leo or Aquarius indicates wealth, but no child. 2nd marriage, sudden death of one of the parents in early childhood.

Rahu afflicted by the luminaries and Mars or Rahu is with the lord of the 4th house or Rahu Saturn posited in Kendra house indicates loss of wealth. These results are seen if Rahu is in Masculine signs. Financial difficulties are felt by father of this native, bankruptcy, termination of services etc. Saturn Jupiter association or good aspect with other planets is fortunate. In Feminine signs, it indicates little gain through business by honest means. Success in service or partnership. Noble partner, bold and affectionate.

5. RAHU IN 5TH HOUSE: Frees the native from many troubles, calamities and dangers. Long lived children who are fortunate .Gains through some public employment or office and are fond of social recreation, pleasures and sports. Gain from speculation.

In female chart here Rahu indicates troubles of uterous, sons late in life and distrubed peace of mind. She suffers from stomach troubles, distress and worry.

Rahu with Moon in 5th, son is denied. If alone, one son, Rahu in Aries, Taurus, Cancer or Leo, off springs are possible through shabby ways. Last two signs Cancer and Leo indicates two male ones. Worry and troubles through them and pain in womb. Death of son may be caused due to snake curse, blessed with son after worshiping snake.

Afflicted Rahu indicates loss through speculation, grief from children and loss of property through them. Favourable aspects indicate gain through investments and children.

Rahu is unfavourable in masculine signs but gainful in feminine signs. In Masculine signs, one is, wise, famous and proud, error in the choice of subjects. Not successful. Loss and troubles through business, wife and children. Partner suffers from menstrual troubles and organic defects. Second marriage is inevitable.

If very afflicted, marriage is denied. Illicit relations. For want of conjugal pleasures. Native is best with welfare programmes of people.

In Feminine signs, one is calm, discreet and detached; being highly educated, a seasoned writer. Reputed and well known. Twice wedded. Blessed with sons and generally first born is daughter.

6. RAHU IN 6TH HOUSE: Valorous and long lived. Victory over enemies. Suffers from teeth, ulcer, wounds and from anul diseases. Early period of life is not happy. Faithful and honest. Gain through service and father's kindred. It increases physical as well as mental stamina. One comes out victroious after struggles and strifes. No gain through uncles, trouble in the back. Long life but debauch.

Rahu in 6th makes the native lucky, handsome, intelligent and respected. Progney to uncle is denied or daughters only. Goes abroad to become a widow. If exalted or well aspected, trouble free life. Strong and brave. Radical, affluent, with conveyance, wealth, fortune and robust health.

If afflicted, Rahu here indicates, troubles in rectum, teeth and lips. Respected, of unstable mind, one is infirms, inbecile, absence of enemies. One has a black mole on the back. If Moon associates with Rahu, native gets pleasures of beds from beautiful women. If with benefic, wealth, gain from Govt; and family happiness, loss to enemies.

Rahu in 6th house indicates strength too and promotes health, trusted employees, favours service, fortune through uncle, aunt and parental relations. Danger from service in army or Navy. Service in 23th years.

If in Feminine signs, it is favourable. Success through games and sports. Lucky partner. But early separation through her death. Many difficulties in promotions. Favours pension. Fortune after 30th years age.

7. RAHU IN 7TH HOUSE : The native is self willed, proud and independent. Reduces the number of opponents, increases profits while dealing with others. Gain through opposite sex whose influence may benefit the native. One has a wise partner. Gain from a man older in age than him. One is clever, inclined to have influence of opposite sex. Adverse for virility. Impairs conjugal happiness. Loss of peace of mind. Loss through women through liasions with them.

If afflicted, troubles through wife, body ache, loss through trade. If conjoins benefics; gains more, afflicted health. One is conceited, sensual, fond of opposite sex, conjunction with Moon destroys every pleasures. Devoted partner, with other planets, a perverse, unfaithful partner. One may be characterless, want of manhood, loss through women, haughty and want of sex desire in the partner. Troubles and difficulty through travels, loss family happiness and irreligious. If associated with benefics, adverse results are modified.

If exalted or in own signs indicates gain and success in journeys. Gain through speculation and sinful acts. More friends than opponents. Gain through dealing with others and old persons. Gain after marriage . Short tempered.

Rahu in Gemini, Virgo, Libra or Sagittarius may deny the marriage. In other signs misfortune through marriage. Sex in feminine signs denotes success, gain happiness and property through marriage.

8. RAHU IN 8TH HOUSE : Gifts and legacies, gain from deceased. An evil position for mental aptitude and physical health. One is dilatory in work, resorts to unholy acts. Inclined to much sexual pleasures. Wind, stomach, enlargement of glands are indicated. Few sons, adverse for longevity. He will earn name and fame, but his reputation is blemished. Mixed financial condition oppressed by enemies. One is ignored or deserted by own family.

Fortune smiles onces, but losses mock at again and again. Living in foreign land. Short tempered and not of good temper. It promotes health, grants gifts, legacies, and inheritance from dead.

Afflicted Rahu indicates denial of happiness through wife and children. Suffers from diseases. Hindrances or enemies. In Gemini one is valiant and celebrated. Favourable if in own sign or exalted. Many ups and downs. Foresaken, malicious and billious.

In Masculine signs Rahu is not favourable. Trouble strife, want money through unfair means leading to imprisonment, painful and in unconscious state. Wife surviving. In Gemini, indicates a quarrelsome partner of poor family. Luck does not favour independent business, resorts to service.

In Feminine signs it is conducive to patient, wealth accumulating and dependable partner. She dies before the native. If this native accepts bribe, he is not caught. First part of life is unhappy. If afflicted, latter life is also unhappy.

9. RAHU IN 9TH HOUSE : Rahu here improves the mental qualities and gives success in education, legal or religious studies, favourable for voyages and foriegn affairs. True dreams and prophetic intuition. Intelligent, has fixity of purpose. One gets name, fame, wealth and splendour.

One is revered for, his merit, learned, generous, charitable, virtuous, good reputation helps and supports his relations. Much travelling, faith in other religions also, good orator, Rahu indicates mental sharpness, gain through educational, legal and religious affairs, gain through voyages, Air travels and foreign affairs. Highly intuitive. If afflicted unfavourable and reverse results as indicated above.

If Rahu is in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer or Virgo indicates many attendants, prosperous, fortunate, cordial relations with partner, liar, unmindful of his duties.

Rahu is favourable in Feminine signs, indicates first child is daughter or son in old age. Worship Lord. Brothers must live separately, if they want gain and success. In Masculine signs, one has one son only, has elder or younger sister. Maraka for brothers.

Rahu if in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius indicates respectful and affectionate to his partner. If in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius indicates that in case if choice of the partner, the native shows no respect to caste or creed, age or virginity. Troubles through children, 2nd marriage is indicated. Fortune in 36th years age.

10. RAHU IN 10TH HOUSE: Native achieves honour, credit and high position by hardwork, merit of industry and ability. Proud and fearless, fond of struggle and strife. Does not have reliable friends. Economical, powerful enemies, happiness from parents is impaired. He may have a few sons. Worried mind. In male charts liasion with opposite sex. Trouble through father, less gain from him, clever but tense, can enjoy immovable property. Pays more money due to his negligence. A man of power and authority. Self made in life due to hard work. Wise and wealthy, honour and recognition from Govt.

If exalted in Taurus in 10th house, native as a ruler, self made man due to hard work. Recognition by Govt; power and authority. Pilgrimage. One achieves name, fame, status through hard work and skill.

If afflicted, Rahu indicates one is clever, thief, characterless, quarrelsome, sensual, dishonest, chattering, miserable, inert, indifferent does not get proper reward for hard work put in. Changes in professions or service, unfortunate, unsteady, vicious, few sons, fearless. Danger from conveyance, danger and troubles for parents and brother.

Rahu in Pisces, sensual, extravagant, affluent, victory over enemies, fickle minded, fond of poetry and drama, battle, migratory, successful in business. If Rahu is in Feminine signs indicates favourable results, in Masculine signs is unfavourable. Afflicted by Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn or Rahu in this house indicates sorrows through mother, father, brother or son.

Rahu of Masculine signs denotes link with opposite sex, pride, talkative, separation. Success through service in Police, Railways, bank or Insurance etc. Untrustworthy, trouble for parents.

If fn Masculine signs, indicates early life will be full of struggles, loss or patrimony, latter life is blessed with wealth, off springs, name and honour. Success in law suits, skill in writing and publishing. The native is social, affectionate, philanthropic by nature. Does not tolerate hindrances. Fortune in 36th year.

11. RAHU IN 11TH HOUSE : This is an excellent position for Rahu. Native is wealthy and long lived. Meritorious, friendship, acquaintances, assistance in the realisation or hopes and wishes. Intelligent, has a few sons, lot of travel, famous and industrious. The native is courageous, avarious, and has inclination to appropriate other's wealth, he gains from good advice of others. Heroic in affairs and victorious over his enemies. Health is generally good. In advanced age, ear trouble or deafness is indicated.

11th house is a house of gain, as such indicates gains through friends, people, elder brothers and from wise men. Blessed with sons, a liar, a cheat and faithful attendant. If afflicted, indicates troubles through business and industry, under debt, not a man of status, idle, quarrelsome, sensual, polite enemies and if in Taurus sensual, dark complexioned, handsome, sweet unsteady and shameless. Troubles through family and sons.

Rahu in 11th also indicates success and gain through speculations, friends, race, lottery and it protects against harm.

If Rahu is in own signs, exalted, affluent and gain through foreigners, scholarly, pleasures, loving shy, learned in scriptures, and victor.

Rahu if is in Masculine signs in unfavourable and indicates troubles through sons, over ambitious, extravagant, accepts brides and is caught. Greedy, cheat, illogical, loss through and a series of other misfortunes.

In Feminine signs, it is favourable and indicates first child is daughter and long after a son, many more daughters. Faithful friends who are astrologers or expert in mantras. Accepts bribes but is not caught. Success in business and service both. Sudden gain of wealth in 42nd year. Marriage at 27th year and good start of life in 28th year.

12. RAHU IN 12TH HOUSE : Gain by secret methods, or in seclusion, success in occultism, this is an adverse location for health. One becomes diseased and frustrated at the initial stage and becomes successful finally. Courageous, unfavourable position for pleasures of beds as Rahu is of separative nature. Early life is troublesome. A friend of the knave and enemy of the noble. One is hostile to relatives, cheat and ill spent money.

This position is good for spiritualism and occult science, gain through social work, unnatural birth if Rahu is in Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces. Very fortunate if in own sign or exalted. Success in occultism, gain by serect methods and unexpected sources.

If afflicted indicates loss of property, scandal in love affairs or affairs of opposite sex, imprisonment, one is quarrelsome, cunning, debtor, immoral, wound in feet, a slur on the family. Wastes away his time and energy, much travelling but can succeed if he stays and work at one place. Separation from wife and family. Robbed by low people.

The Rahu in Masculine signs indicates affliction of eyes, two marriages, few children, dissatisfaction with his own wife leading to debauchery, so results in separation.

In Feminine signs, Rahu indicates happiness with partner, two marriages, many good children, normal sight, early life is unsteady, journey to North for living. Fortune abroad. Industrious and glorious. Lofty ideals, fond of literature and social work. Interest in Vedas, which drives him to asceticism.