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This is kind of nervous pain. It is experienced in the region of the buttocks, back of the thigh and the leg served by sciatic nerve. In Ayurveda this is known as gridhrasi.

Inflammation in the region where the sciatic nerve passes through the curve of the hip-bone is responsible for this disease.

This is caused by the aggravation of vayu and physical strain. Constipation often precipitates or aggravates an attack of this disease.

Apart from the pain which is often excruciating in the hip, backside of the thigh and leg, the patient experiences difficulty in walking, and he may not be able to sleep well.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Sciatica: Eranda is the drug of choice for the treatment of this condition. It is given in the form of a linctus which is called Erandapaka. This is given to the patient in a dose of two teaspoonfuls at bedtime with a cup of warm water or milk. This is very useful for patients who are constipated because it acts as a laxative. Guggulu is popularly used for the treatment of all pains of the nervous system. Yogaraja guggulu which contains guggulu as an important ingredient is given to the patient in a dose of two tablets four times a day along with warm milk or water. For external application, saindhavadi taila is considered to be very useful. It is used for massage on the painful parts specially on the affected buttock from the top down. Hot fomentation by a packet of salt tied up in the form of a round bolus in a piece of linen is very useful. This should be done when the patient is going to bed. After this fomentation, the buttock and leg of the patient should be kept covered with a warm cloth.

Diet to taken by Sciatica patients: Pulses, beans and fried things are strictly prohibited. The patient should not take curd or any other sour thing, including sour fruit. Saffron is used both as medicine and an ingredient of food in this condition. This should be mixed with warm milk and given to the patient.

Other regimens: Gentle exercise of the leg is useful. Strenuous exercise including running and jumping is prohibited. As far as possible the sciatica patient should bathe in hot water and not use cold water in any form. Swimming in moderately cold water is, however, considered to be exceedingly useful.