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When there is a demand for water in the body, the person feels thirsty. When the desire for water is excessive it is treated as a disease. In Ayurveda this is called trishna roga. Depending upon the doshas involved and the pathogenesis of this disease, it is of seven types. In vatika type, the patient feels pain and giddiness in addition to thirst. In paittika type there is a feelings of burning sensation. In kaphaja type, saline taste appears in the mouth.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Thirst: The water from green coconut fruit is exceedingly useful in this condition. It can be given to the patient in any quantity he desires. A piece of brick should be heated and immersed in a vessel containing water. This water should, thereafter, be filtered and given to the patient to drink. This helps to relieve thirst. The juice of ripe tamarind should be made into a syrup by adding sugar, and then boiling it. This should be given to the patient in a dose of 30 ml. four times a day. Green mango should be burnt over the fire and when the outer cover becomes charred, it should be removed from the fire and cooled. The inner pulp of the fruit should then be made into a drink by adding sugar and water. This drink is very effective in relieving thirst. It is also very useful in curing heat stroke.

Diet to taken by Thirst patients: Thin gruel prepared of parched rice, juice of moong dal, the flower of banana, pomegranate, amalaki and kushmanda are very useful in this condition. Hot and spicy things should be avoided.

Other regimens: The Thirst patient should not be exposed to heat and sun. He should be given rest.