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Hamsa Yoga - Pancha-Mahapurusha

Hamsayoga: When Jupiter, exalted (in Karka) or in its own sign (Dhanu or Meena), is located in a kendra. Can arise in case of Chara as well as Dwiswabhava, rashis.

One born in Hamsa yoga has a fair complexion, prominent cheeks, beautiful face, and a golden lustre in his skin. His nails and palms are red, his feet are lovely, and his eyes have the pallor of honey. His voice is sweet like that of a swan. He has a phlegmatic disposition and a fondness for water sports. His sexual urge is insatiable.

Such a native has a thirst for knowledge and sacred scriptures. He is virtuous, doing good to others, and is blessed with a beautiful wife and a lovely physical form. He enjoys varied physical and material comforts for upto the age of a hundred years when he leaves this world in a forest.

Note:Jupiter brings in the qualities of virtue, learning and eloquence. It is associated with a lot of grace and dignity.