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Shash Yoga - Pancha-Mahapurusha Yoga

Shashayoga: When Saturn, exalted (in Tula) or in its own sign (Makara or Kumbha), is located in a kendra. Can exist only for Chara and Sthira lagnas.

In order that the above mentioned yogas should fructify as indicated below, it is required that the planets concerned must possess sufficient strength. The strength is generally measured according to the method of Shad-bala, or sixfold strength of planets. It has been suggested that to produce the characteristics of a particular Mahapurusha yoga, the planet must possess at least the following four-fold strength to a sufficient extent:

(a) Sthana bala or positional strength.

(b) Diga bala or directional strength.

(c) Kaala bala or temporal strength.

(d) Cheshta bala or motional strength. The remaining two of the Shad-balas which are not stressed upon here are:

(i) Naisargika bala or inherent strength, which is a peculiarity of each planet and, therefore, unalterable.

(ii) Drig bala or aspectual strength, which depends upon the extent to which the planet is affected by aspects. The exact method of calculation of the planetary strengths is outside the scope of this work.

Brave and cruel, one born in this yoga is of medium height, slim waist and high-set teeth. He has beaulifiil legs and has a fast but regular gait. His complexion is dark. He frequents jungles, mountains, forts and other odd places. He has roving eyes and a desire for the possessions of others. The Shasha yoga native is devoted to his mother. He looks after his guests with devotion. He is the commander of an army or a leader of a group or a village or a town.

He is competent, wealthy and learned, and is keen to point out the faults of others. Excessively fond of the sexual act, he associates with women not his own. He is adept in metallurgy and the science of chemicals. He suffers physical ailments, and lives upto an age of seventy years.


Saturn is the planet of the masses. Shasha yoga, which is caused by a dominant role of Saturn, confers on the native a capacity for leadership. There is physical enjoyment, but physical suffering as well. It will be seen that several horoscopes will show the presence of one or more of these 'Pancha-Mahapirusha yogas but the native remains obscure and insignificant. In order to appropriately analyse these yogas the following points must be kept in mind.

1. The planet causing the yoga must be strong in the birth chart (according to the Shad-bala) and must continue to be strong in the vargas. The respective plinets will produce their qualities to the fullest extent only if they are strong. The dominant influence of Mars is stnngth and aggression; of Mercury, intelligence and virtue; of Jupiter, wisdom and oratory; of Venus, beauty and pleasure; and of Saturn, mass appeal and misery.

2. A Pancha-Mahapurusha yoga does not fructify if the Sun or the Moon combine with the yoga-producing planets. Under such a situation, the planet only gives some favourable results during its dasha. This is thus equivalent to a cancellation of the Mahapurusha yoga.

3. From the preceding statement, it becomes clear that when the Sun and the Moon do not combine with a yoga-producing planet, the respective Mahapurusha yoga tends to materialise fully, and gives results not necessarily during its dasha only. In other words, an 'unblemished' Mahapurusha yoga tends to manifest itself without being subservient to the dasha of the causative planets. Such a yoga, therefore, carries its influence all through life. This is comparable to the 'Nabhasa Yogas' (q.v.). In any case, it is possible that the presence of a number of benefic yogas in a horoscope elevates the material and professional status of a native without being totally dependent upon the dasha.

The status of Mars in a chart reflects upon the 'Sattva' or virtue of a native, Mercury on his preceptorship, Jupiter on oratory or eloquence, Venus on attraction or attachment, and Saturn on his complexion.

The Pancha-Mahapurusha yogas are kingly yogas. When a particular yoga forms without blemish, without interference from other planets, the typical characteristics described for each yoga make their manifestation. When other planets associate with a yoga-producing planet, appropriate modifications in the results must be expected.