Diseases indicated by Bhavas, Planets, Signs and Mandi
shani sadesatti kaalsarp dosha Manglik Dosha Pitra Dosha Kemdrum Yoga

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Diseases indicated by Bhavas, Planets, Signs and Mandi

1. The Sun and other Planets ruling over the five rudimentary elements, the three humours, the six seasons and the various parts of the human body are constantly changing in their relative positions and aspects which tend to enhance or reduce or alter the intensity of the effects, good or bad, on the beings of this globe.

The study of a horoscope for diseases entails, therefore, a minute scrutiny of all signs, planets and bhavas, their relative positions, strength, combinations, aspects, Dasa periods and also the effect accruing from the transitory changes of planets. In other words, a detailed examination of the chart fromall angles is absolutely essential and this in its turn calls for a comprehensive knowledge of the science in all its branches.

Though all bhavas are to be closely examined, the Sixth, eighth and twelfth bhavas call for a very careful study as all authors are unanimous in their view that diseases are to be ascertained from them. The lords of these bhavas, planets posited in them, planets aspecting them and planets association with the lords are also to be meticulously studied. The affected parts of the body are indicated by the signs occupied by the lords of the sixth, eighth and twelfth bhavas.

The sign in which Mandi is posited, the sign in which the lord of the sign occupied by the Mandi falls and signs occupied by Rahu and Ketu are also indicative of the affected parts. The ascendant and its lord are to be throughly scanned as the unpleasant position, weakness, application and combination with malefic planets of the lord of the ascendant show physical and planets aspected by the lord of the ascendant indicate the types of diseases.
                                                 Ascendant is the body while the sixth, eighth and twelfth bhavas are the houses of illness and hence their importance in this study.

The first four bhavas from the ascendant indicate the present life, bhavas from the fifth to the eighth the future life, while the ninth to twelfth bhavas show the past life. In other words, the signs in the trine of the ascendant from the rising signs of the three Jives present, future and past. According to this, the twelfth bhava of the previous life unfolds as the eight bhava in the present life. The house of Happiness - the fourth bhava of the past life comes up as the twelfth bhava in the present life. In the same manner the tenth bhava of the previous life - the house of actions -becomes - the sixth bhava in the present, the house of diseases. The remedial measures mentioned in the Mahavnava text are based on the above line of arguments of the close relationship of the present sixth bhava with the tenth of past life. On following up the same argument it will be found that the twelfth bhava of the present ascendant turns out as the eigth bhava of the future life, the present tenth bhava becomes the sixth while the fourth bhava to the present risingsign unfurls as the twelfth of the coming life.

Diseases are results of bad thoughts, words and deeds reactions of sinful deeds, mental, vocal and physical - and these attack the bodies and minds by the deranged humours and by the affections by bad and invisible spirits as indicated by the unfavourable planetary positions.

2. It is however, to be noted that when the lord of the sixth bhava is strong and pleasantly posited, health and other good results fall to the lot of the native. Happiness, Wealth, boldness and defeat for enemies are indicated. A strong and favourable posited eighth lord gives health, longevity, servants, cattle, wealth and success in litigation and quarrels.
                              In similar situation the twelfth lord bestows on the native favours from rulingautoorities, goodsleeping materials and opportunities for spending money on good causes which tend to wash off sins and to win moral strength and a peaceful end. We have, therefore, to conclude that it is the afflictions and weakness of planets that cause diseases.

3. Malefics posited in bhavas other than the third and the sixth and benefit's occupying third, sixth, eighths and twelfth bhavas indicate susceptibility of the body to ailments. Mandi in 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10th also gives rise to diseases. Weak malefics posited in the 6th, 8th, 12th, 7th,4th, 1st, 9th and 5th bhavas and benefics occupying the 6th, 8th and 12th bhavas are considered to be in an uncongenial state. Even though the benefic planets in the 6th, 8th and 12th bhavas are strong they are considered as unpleasantly situated. Weak benefits will be inclined to do more evil. Of the planets thus posited in an unpleasant condition, enemies of the lord of the ascendant, causes the worst effects. Malefics falling in 2nd, 3rd, 11th and 10th bhavas and benefics in all other bhavas than 6th, 8th and 12th are said to be happily posited. Planets in combination with the Moon are considered to be a happy condition.


SUN:- Sickness caused by the displacement of bile. Fevers arising from excessive heat, general weakness, heart diseases, stomach troubles, eye diseases, skin ruptures, gonorrhoea, wounds, burns, fits, falls, troubles arising from poison.

MOON:- Lethargy, sleepiness, indolence, diseases arising from excited kapha (Phelgm), dysentery, fevers arising from acute cold, boils, taste -lessness and indigestion, jaundice, mental debility, illness from impurity of blood, accidents in water, attacks by animals with horns and by aquatic creatures.

MARS :- Thirst, impurity of bfood and diseases arising there from, jaundice, fever, troubles from fire, weapons and poison; leprosy; eye troubles, fits of all kinds, diseases of marrow, beri-beri, itches and boils, diseases of the head.