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Effects of Birth in Different Amsas

The following are the effects of birth of a person in different amsas which are of great use while analyzing navamsa chart. These have been provided by Prithuyasas son of great Varahamihira in his book, "Horasara".

When a person is born is Aries or Mesha navamsa, one will be mischievous, base minded, of thievish nature, weak eyes, of a restless nature and of a billious temperament, One will be inclined lustfully, the 12th, 25th, 50th and 65th years of his life will be troublesome and one may suffer from disease.

One whose birth is in Taurus or Vrishabha navamsa, indicates that one will be intelligent, enjoy life and have a broad belly. One will have a strong built, long face, rolling eyes and walk crookedly. He will have many daughters, the 10th, 22nd, 32nd and 72nd year will be evil periods, one will suffer troubles and diseases.

In case the navamsa is Gemini or Mithuna, one will have a beautiful appearance, fickle minded, eloquent, well versed in several sciences, happy and well behaved. One will be inconstant with regard to women. He will have a very good intellect. The 16th, 24th, 34th, 40th or 63rd years will prove troublesome to the life of the native.

When one is born in Cancer or karak navamsa, the native will be easily irritable, crooked body, malevolent look, rich and will have intention to go to foreign places, will help his relations and be greatly influenced by his people. The 8th, 18th, 21st, 22nd, 72nd and 80th year of life prove dangerous to the life of the native.

He who is born in Leo or Simha navamsa, will live in a solitary place, proud, thin waisted, weak teeth and of distressed mind. Specially 10th, 20th, 30th, 60th or 82nd year should be marked dangerous to one's life.

The birth in Virgo or Kanya navamsa indicates that the native will be happy in early years, will know all the arts, may be gallant, have a few sons, be amiable, helpful to others, liberal in gifts and will spend his time in foreign places. Doubt will arise about his existence in 20th or 60th year. With his wealth on the increase the native will live for 108 years.

A Libra or Tula born navamsa native will have a mind moving from place to place, lean body, few sons, hate his relations, will suffer from consumption and almost indigent. The 3rd, 23rd, 38th, 54th or 76th year of one's life will be unfavourable, as during these years, the person will suffer from diseases.

The person born with Scorpio or Varischak navamsa will suffer after the death of his father or elderly people, mischievous but intelligent, weak eyesight, cruel, will secretly do sinful acts. He will be pot-bellied. Danger to life during his 18th, 23rd, 28th, 55th or 70th year.

When a person is born in Sagittarius or Dhanu navamsa, one will be wealthy, of good qualities, long neck, will be lazy, easily satisfied. He will have a broad nose, will talk much and will hoard wealth. The native will suffer risk and disease during 4th, 9th, 16th, 44th or 72nd year of life.

The person who has his birth in the Capricorn or Makara navamsa will be short limbed, fickle minded, cruel, quick footed, will indulge in sensual pleasures, he will have an ill tempered wife. Will suffer from disease during 19th, 27th, 34th, 49th, 54th and 68th year of life.

The person born in Aquarius or Kumbha navamsa will be slanderous, without mercy, deceitful, weak, confused and long limbed. He will be wandering, extravagant and mentally miserable. The dangerous and doubtful years of life will be middle of his 7th, 14th, 20th, 28th or 61st year.

The person born in Pisces or Meena navamsa will be longing for other women, will be slander bodied, gain through watery products, self bullied and learned will live in other people's houses, wealthy and will have many wives. The dangerous periods in his life will be 12th, 21st, 26th, 52nd and 61st years.

This is a most interesting chart and called by Hindus DAIVACHAKRA means Wheel of Destiny and is the chart which links the present life to past and future lives.

The evidence contained in this chart brings point and meaning into this short span of life. Through it we can, if we have attained to a certain degree to cosmic consciousness, place ourselves in relation to the universe, and we can see our whole existence and relate this life to a continuous whole. It is very seldom that this knowledge can be vouchsafed to any individual, and this chart should not be lightly read."

Dwadasamsa : From the following a few combinations of various houses we can know the guide lines of delineating the Dwadasamsa Chart.

If the lord of the rising Dwadasamsa occupy the ascendant, the person concerned will have the same luck or prosperity as that of his father. But should the said lord occupy 6th, 8th or 12th house, the person will not have bodily happiness. So all be the case with regard to his parents. If the above referred lord be in 11th house, gain through ancestral property is denoted. If however, the said lord be depressed, eclipsed, be a malefic or occupy inimical house, reverse results are indicated.

Find the Rasi and the Dwadasamsa occupied by the lord of 8th houses. When the Sun in his orbit transits the said rasi on the Dwadasamsa or a rasi to it, death may come to pass. If at birth the Moon occupy (1) a Dwadasamsa owned by a benefic or a rasi or a benefic and be aspected by the lord of lagna or (2) though posited in the malefic rasi be aspected by the owner of the said rasi and be not aspected by any other planet, the evil that would have otherwise be fallen will be completely warded off.

Of the lagna and the Moon, find which is stronger. Note the Dwadasamsa of this stronger signification when the Moon transits through a rasi which is as many signs removed from the sign indicated by the Dwadasamsa, the birth of the child may be predicted.

If a person is born in Dwadasamsa owned by Aries, he will be mischievous, robber and take to the evil way and practices of such a vicious class of people, if in a twelfth portion of a sign owned by Taurus, he will have plenty of women and will suffer from diseases, if in Gemini, one will be a gambler but well conducted.

If born in Dwadasamsa of Cancer, one will be addicted to bad practices. If born in Leo, one will be virtuous, wealthy, attended and association of brave men. If in-Virgo, one will he gambler, addicted to women and in Libra, he will he engaged in trade and wealthy.

When born in Dwadasamsa of Scorpio, he will be a murderer, rogue and robber, if in Sagittarius, he will be fond of serving to sadbus, brahmins or religious priests and the God. If in Capricorn he will be master of many servants. If born in Aquarius he will be a mischief maker and if in Dwadasamsa of Pisces he will be rich and learned.

Thrimsamsa : All about one's cherished desires etc are analysed, through this lagna.

When a person is born in Thrimsamsa of Mars, one is fickle minded, stiff voiced and cruel minded. If bora in Saturn part, one is addicted to wandering a depraved mind and if in Thrimsamsa of Jupiter, one will be wealthy, if in Mercury, he will have great respect from his preceptors, God, elders, enjoy the society of virtuous men and be attended by relatives. If in Thrimsamsa of Venus in any sign, he will be loving, lovely and happy.

When planets that are in their own Thrimsamsa will do all that have been ascribed to them as karkas or significators. If there be atleast one planet in his own or exaltation house and at the same time aspected by or associated with a friendly planet, the native will become a king endowed with riches, long lived, will be famous, possess children and happiness.

The following effects as due to the Thrimsamsa of degree are occupied by the Moon at birth or those mentioned for the Thrimsamsa rising will come to pass according as the one, Thrimsamsa of the other is stronger.

If a women is born when Moon is in the sign or rasi of:

Mars : She will be ill behaved.

Saturn: A menial or slave.

Jupiter : Prosperous, lofty minded and virtuous.

Mercury: Deceitful.

Venus: Frail.

When the Moon is in the sign of Taurus or Libra or house of Venus, the corresponding effects are :

Mars : She will be very frail.

Saturn : Will resort to a second husband.

Jupiter : Will be highly respected.

Mercury: Very intelligent.

Venus: Famous.

When the Moon occupies the houses of Mercury, the respective effects are:

Mars : She will be dishonest.

Saturn : She will be eunuch.

Jupiter : She will be chaste.

Mercury: She will have good qualities.

Venus : She will be repining.

If the Moon is posited in Cancer or house of Moon, the respective effects are:

Mars : Self willed and uncontrolled woman.

Sattirn : She may kill her husband.

Jupiter : Endowed with many good qualities.

Mercury : Skilled in Arts.

Venus : A virtuous lady.

Moon occupies a sign of Jupiter, the effect will be to make the woman born as:

Mars : Endowed with many good qualities.

Saturn : Not to have much sexual activity.

Jupiter : Possess many good qualities.

Mercury: Skilled in arts.

Venus : Very Chaste.

If the Moon is posited in sign of Saturn, the several effects respectively are:

Mars : A maid servant.

Saturn : Attached to other men.

Jupiter : Have the husband under her control.

Mercury: She will be of masculine disposition.

Venus : Barren and indigent, (g) If Moon is in Leo, the effects respectively are :

Mars : A wicked wife.

Saturn : A lady of desirable character.

Jupiter : The wife of a' king.

Venus : Attached to other men also.

If the lord of Thrimsamsa lagna be a malefic planet, be eclipsed, or be in depression, the person concerned will very soon become entangled in misunderstanding with his relations. If the said lord be placed in 6th, 8th, or 12th house, there is a risk of displeasure from the Government, or rulers. If he be conjoined with a benefic planet the person concerned will be endowed with happiness.

The planet in whose Thrimsamsa the Sun is situated in the nativity of a person, plays an prominent part in moulding the nature of the native.

Of the lagna and the Moon whichever is stronger, the effects described above for the Thrimsamsa occupied by that significator will come to pass.

After having described in detail the declinations of Saptavarga, which are not mostly available in modern astrological works, the author is confident that the readers will employ them methodically in their predictions to attain success.