BLUE SAPPHIRE Gems Effects in horscope
shani sadesatti kaalsarp dosha Manglik Dosha

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In Sanskrit, blue sapphire is called as Nelashma, neelratna, Shaniratna, Indraneel etc. In Persian it is called as Yakoot or Kabood.

Blue Sapphire is basically Corundum and comes in many other colours as well. But traditionally sapphire is associated with blue colour only. The chemical composition is Aluminium Oxide with a formula of Al203

Good quality Blue Sapphire is found in Burma, Sri Lanka and India. The best Indian Sapphire is cornflower blue and is found in Jammu and Kashmir. Montana in USA also produces blue sapphire . Cambodia, Brazil, Kenya, Malawi and Colombia also produce this sapphire. The sapphire has hardness of 9, specific gravity 4.00, refractive index 1.76-1.77 with a Trigonal crystal structure. Real blue sapphire shines by its own rays and does not borrow light. It is very smooth and the colour has special effect as if emerging out of its core. If placed in a transparent milk pot on a full moon night, it will give the bluish colour to the person holding the pot also. An unreal stone would give a depressed blue colour.

Blue sapphire is the precious stone for Saturn. The consecration of Blue sapphire should be done on any Pushya constellation day. Otherwise, it can be worn when there is amritsiddhi yoga time or the day is governed by Shani Pushya. It is advisable to wear it in an alloy called Triloha, but sometimes it is prescribed in Gold as well.

Medical Effects:

The stone is said to be increasing eyesight, longevity, and blood flow to organs. It helps decrease rheumatism, sciatica, neurology, epilepsy, hysteria, tumour, reduces fat, arthritis, nerve pains, mental illness, petrochemical and radiation miasms, excessive bleeding, emotional pain and trauma, haemorrhage. It provides balance to intestinal tract, pancreas, lower spinal column, heart, blood, and adrenals.

Astrological Effects:

The blue sapphire adds wealth, widens the sphere of one's influence on other people particularly if one is dealing with the masses. There is also an increase in social status and prosperity. Saturn controls most diseases in the body; by wearing a blue sapphire, one is assured of a long and healthy life.

Semi Precious Substitute:

The semi precious substitute is Turquoise and Lapis iazuii. Turquoise is one of the first gemstones mined and varies from sky blue in colour to greenish. It is commonly found in microcrystalline, massive form, usually as encrustations or as nodules. Sky blue turquoise from Iran is the best, but in Tibet a greener variety is found. Mexico and USA also produce greener variety. Chile, Australia and England(Cornwall) also produce. The distinct blue colour is due to presence of copper and traces of Iron.

It has hardness of 6, specific gravity of 2.80, Refractive Index 1.61- 1.65 and is chemically Hydrated copper aluminium phosphate. The crystal structure is Triclinic and the formula is CuAI6(P04)4(0H)8.5H20.

Turquoise has amazing property of helping in disorders of female reproductive system. It increases eyesight, tissue regeneration and circulation. Turquoise is very effective in headaches and migraines. It also decreases fever, cataracts, and effects of environmental pollution, anorexia, and stress. It balances circulation, tendons, ligaments, throat, thymus gland, and nerves.

Lapis Lazuli is a Blue rock made up of several different minerals, including Lazurite, Sodalite, hauyne, Calcite and pyrite. The colour of Lapis lazuli varies as per composition but the intense blue variety with minor patches of white calcite and brassy yellow pyrite is the best quality. It is usually found as boulders or within limestones. The best quality lapis lazuli is from Afghanistan. Argentinian stone is also of very high quality. Some different shades of blue are also found in USA and Canada. It has hardness of 5.5, specific gravity 2.80.refractive index 1.50 with Variable crystal structure. The formula is (Na, Ca)8 (Al, Si)12O24(SO4)CI2(0H)2


Lapis lazuli increases strength, virility, vitality, and oxygenation of blood, mitosis, hearing and immune system. It decreases poison, fever, depression, melancholia, neuralgia, spasms, tonsillitis, and anxiety, Hodgkin's disease. Cancer of the larynx, autism, urinary troubles, tuberculosis, hemorrhoids, jaundice, diabetes, insomnia, neurosis, vertigo and dizziness. It helps in balancing emotions, vocal cords, thyroid, esophagus, bronchial tract, bone marrow, skeletal system and Eustachian tube.