Goverdhan Puja
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Goverdhan Puja

Goverdhan Puja is celebrated on Pratipada, i.e. the first day of the bright fortnight of Kartik (October-November), the day following Deepawali. Annakut is also observed on the same day. This day is associated with an interesting event in the life of Lord Krishna. On this day Krishna lifted the Goverdhan Mountain (in Vrmdavan) on his little finger for seven days and protected the cows, and the people of Vrindavan against the deluge of rain sent by enraged Indra, the god of heaven and rain.

It so happened that one day Krishna saw the people of Vrindavan making great preparations for the worship of Indra. Krishna convinced them of its futility and induced them to worship mount Goverdhan, who Provide shelter to them and nourishment to their cows. They accordingly I a great ceremony to honour the mountain and were amply rewarded by the manifestation of Krishna as the spirit of Goverdhan.

It emerged indera and he sent a terrible deluge to teach a lesson to Nanda and cowherds of Vrindavan. It was then that Krishna raised the mountain and protected them under it for seven days and nights. Ultimately. Indra realized who Krishna really was. His pride was humbled and he came to Krishna in real humility and paid him homage.

Even. people in thousands from all over India visit, worship and cicumambulate Mount Goverdhan on this day. Those who cannot come, worship it at their respective homes with great devotion : gifts to Brahmins. Cows and bulls are also decorated and worshipped on this day.