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Haritalika Teej FESTIVALS

Haritalika fast (vow) is observed on the 3rd day of the bight half of Bhadra (August- September). This fast is observed by the Hindu women to honour the Goddess Parvati and her consort Shiva, and their idols are worshipped ceremonially. Parvati, the daughter of Himalaya and Maina, desirous of having Shankar as her husband, underwent severe tapas and finally had him as her Lord and husband. On this day married women worship the divine couples, and observe strict fast to ensure conjugal happiness and prosperity. Unmarried girls do so to have suitable husbands of their choice. Brahmins are given money, and other things in charity, unmarried girls are fed and the aspirant women tell the story of Haritalika among themselves and break the fast in the evening. The ext morning they worship the sun by offering water.