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Hell - according to Garud Puran

There are eighty-four lakhs of hells in the Yamlok according to Garud Puran where the persons suffer through great torture according to their respective misdeeds. Different sins commited by men and resutant hells have been clarified in this Puran as follows :

Tamisra He, who takes away other's money, woman, and son, suffers the ordeal of the hell named Tamisra. Yamdoods punish him here in many ways.
Andhtamisra He, who deceives someone to coupulate with his wife, suffers severely in the hell named Andhtamisra. He becomes blind in this hell.
Raurav They who engage in violence against someone, they become a dreadful animal named Rur and receive severe pain by falling in the hell named Raurav. It is said that the animal named Rur happens to be more dreadful than snake
MaharauravThe carnivorous Rur animals make the jeev suffer in the hell named Maharaurav.
KumbhipakThe man, who kills animals and birds and cooks them, falls into the hell named Kumbhipak. Yamdoots boil him here in the hot oil.
Kaalsootra The person who antagonizes with father and Brahmin finds place in the hell named Kaalsootra. He is roasted in this hell in the severe temperature of sun and fire.
Aispatra The man, who digresses from the path of Vedas and takes to quackery, is poked with double- edged sword after being whipped in the hell named Asipatra.
ShukarmukhThe man, who leads unreligious/atheistical life or inflicts physical pain upon others, falls in the hell named Shukarmukh and is crushed like cane in a crusher.
AndhkoopIn spite of being aware of the grief of the other person, he who makes him suffer falls in the hell named Andhkoop. Snake and other poisonous and dreadful animals drink his blood here.
Krimibhojan The person, who, after preparing food, eat it all by himself fall into the hell named Krimibhojan and become a worm and suffer great pain.
SandeshThe person, who steals or snatches money, falls in the hell named Sandesh. There he is scorched with burning mass of iron.
TaptsurmiHe, who rapes a woman, is beaten with whip and and is forced to embrace burning pillars of iron in the hell named Taptsurmi.

Shaalmali The sinner who mates with animals etc. falls into the hell named Shaalmali where he suffers for his deeds by being grounded between the needles of iron.
Vaitarni The person who does not follow dharma is thrown in the hell named Vaitarni in the river of blood, bones, nails, fat, flesh etc. and such unholy objects.
PuyodThe person, who, flouting the rules of good conduct, acts like animal, has to live in the hell named Puyod where he is fed on feces, urine, mucus, blood etc. and such horrible things.
PranrodhPeople who hunt the dumb animals are pierced with sharp arrows in the hell named Pranrodh.
Vishsan The men who slaughter animal in the name of yajna are flogged in the hell named Vishsan.
Lalabhaksh The sinner who, under the influence of lust, copulates with the woman of same gotra (family), has to drink seminal fluid while living in the hell named Lalabhaksh.
SarmeyadanThe person, who robs or destroys other's property, falls into the hell named Sarmeyadan where an unusual animal named Sarmeya eats him by cutting into pieces.
Avichi The person, who, despite being witness, gives false statement before court in the matter of donation or monetary transaction, is thrown from the top of the mountain on rocky field and is pierced with stones in the hell named Avichi.
Ayahpaan The man, who drinks alcohol, is thrown into the hell named Ayahpaan where his mouth is pierced with the burning iron rods.
KsharkardamThe person, who does not pay respect to men who are superior to him, suffers with numerous ordeals in the hell named Ksharkardam.
ShoolproteMen, who entertain themselves by tying animals and birds and poke thorn into them, are pierced with thorn in the hell named Shoolprote. Crow and Bater make hole in their bodies with their beak.
DandshookThe men, who are cruel by nature and do harm to others, are thrown among the snakes with five or seven hoods in the hell named Dandshook. These snake bite them day and night.
AvatnirodhanThe man who captures someone and keeps him at a dark place is placed in the hell named Avatnirodhan where he is made to suffer with the poisonous smoke of fire.
Paryavartan The person, who looks upon the guests at home with the evil sight, is thrown into the hell named Paryavartan where cruel birds like crow, vulture, kite, etc. pull out his eyes with their sharp beaks.'
Suchimukh The man, who always keeps busy in accumulating wealth and feels envious by growth of others, is sewn like cloth with needle by yamdoot in the hell named Suchimukh.

Further to this, there is detailed description of pretyoni, and method to avoid it, and securing sadgati (good position after death) without rituals. The glory of donation of pind, Shraadh-karma (post-funeral rites), and donation have been illustrated in it.

Finally, this Puran has been concluded with the glory of devotion of Lord Vishnu, prayer by Maharshi Markandeya, description of Sankhya, Vedant-yog, and establishing of the essence of Gita.