Kushmanda Puja on Fourth day of Navrate
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Fourth day of Navrate - Kushmanda

In the cosmogenic myth it is the laughter of the Goddess who creates the void that is to be filled with the energy of creation or the cosmos. She is the symbolic form of the uncontained, undefined and formless divine energy: Adi Shakti. Her iconographic form, the god­dess Kushtnanda is always portrayed as radiating with an intense inner light. The radiance of a hundred thousand suns is contained in her, her brilliance is incomparable and she resides deep within the heart of the sun where no other god or goddess can withstand the brilliance. She alone illuminates the ten directions and all the worlds.

Worshipped by the name of the eight handed goddess, she claims the fourth day of the Navratra as hers particularly. Despite be­ing the Adi Shakti, this is an approachable goddess who is pleased easily by true devo­tion and ritual worship. As a potent force and facet of the female energy, Kushmanda claims as her own the Anahat Chakra. Symbolised by a lotus with twelve petals, this chakra is also known as the heart chakra. The Anahat Chakra emphasis the qualities of the heart - love and compas­sion but most of all equilibrium.

Mantra To chant on 4th day of Navratre