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No. 2's Luck as per Numerology in the Year 2019

Basic No. 2 is ruled by the Moon; so the people with this basic number have almost feminine softness and comeliness. Although, the people with basic No. 1 and 2 are quite different, these two vibrate well with each other. Those with basic number 2 are humble, imaginative and emotional, but they are inventors also, though they generally lack the capacity to give a tangible form to implement their ideas and thoughts.

Their qualities excel in their mental interpretation even though they may not appear to be very original. The people of this number should avoid getting mentally tensed frequently. These mental tensions reduce their general abilities which, in turn, confront them before many hurdles and troubles. They begin to loose self-confidence. Such people are born on any month's dates such as 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th have their basic number 2. In case they are born on these dates between 21st June and 22nd July, they have the predominant effect of the Moon.

These people should start their project/ work/ventures on the dates that vibrate well with No. 2 like 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th. Their chanting the holy text of 'Shiv-chaleesa' shall prove particularly beneficial. They should also have Mahamritunjaya Yantra embedded in a Navaratna ring. The year 2019's basic no. is 3 . Therefore, this year will be quite progressive for you. The Lady Luck will smile on you. You�ll get a series of continuous successes. The long held up business expansion plans will be implemented successfully. The married life will be all joyous and peaceful. But illness may cause hefty expenditure. Although quite fruitful year, yet be careful about your business transactions and don't sign any paper without fully reading the contents. Overconfidence on anybody may give you some loss. Relations with your siblings will be better.

Remedies for No. 2 for the year 2019

In order to make this year more favourable,
1. Worship Lord Shiva devotedly.
2. Every Monday take your bath in the water having raw milk added to it
3. Wear a 'Pearl' Gem embedded in a 'Chandra Yantra'.

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