No. 2's Luck in the Year 2020 as per numerology online at Astroshastra
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No. 2's Luck as per Numerology in the Year 2020

No. 2’s Luck in the Year 2020

The master of number 2 is Moon. People with number 2 are born on 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th of any month. The nature of having no. 2 people is calm and cool like the Moon. Their nature is characterized by gentleness and beauty befitting a woman. Moon symbolizes creativity. Hence such people are of a creative bent of mind. These people go for new inventions. However, they are not very much capable of implementing their dreams and ideology Into practice. These people are very restless. Their biggest weakness is their emotional nature and many times it will prove an obstacle in their progress, These people are faithful, simple, honest and truthful. Due to being governed by the Moon they lack in concentration because of which they cannot keep their ideas and projects a secret. Because of which there will be feeling of hopelessness at times. For people ruled by number 2, fasting on Monday would prove beneficial.

The Lord of number 2 is Moon and the ruling number of 2020 is 4. This year will be normal for you. Lot of efforts and hard work will be required in business and job. However results and benefits will be less as expected. Enemies and conspiracies will hover over you. You will plan for some important project. Initially the success in this project will be doubtful. You will make new friends.

You will work hard and toil to bring business back on its track. You need to work sincerely in your job, whatever task you undertake work hard toward its completion or else the work will get stuck. Keep away from strangers. You might fall victim to some conspiracy or fraud. Your bosses will not be very pleased with your work. Your relationship with your relatives and dear ones will be cordial and nice. You will get an opportunity to read some knowledge enhancing literature. You will come close to learned person. Acquisition of land, house, vehicle etc. is on the cards. This year you need to work with patience and calm. You might be criticized in social and public benefit works. Maintain transparency in business run in partnership.

Remedies for No. 2 for the year 2020

In order to make this year more favourable,
1. Worship Lord Shiva devotedly.
2. Every Monday take your bath in the water having raw milk added to it
3. Wear a 'Pearl' Gem embedded in a 'Chandra Yantra'.

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