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No. 6's Luck as per Numerology in the Year 2020

No. 6’s Luck in the Year 2020

People falling under number 6 are governed by Venus. These people have been born on 6th, 15th, 24th of any month. Their ruling number adds to 6. The characteristics of people with ruling number 6 are their cheerful nature and their optimistic attitude. These people are not afraid of facing any difficult situations in life. They face every obstacle boldly. These people are excessively optimistic. Despite being materialistic from the outside, some corner of their mind is spiritually inclined. Because of Venus such people should avoid the company of the opposite sex. These people should initiate any new work on Friday.

Venus is the Lord of ruling number 6 and the ruling number for 2020 is 4 whose ruler is Uranus or Harshal. Hence due to its influence situations in the work front will be full of ups and downs. There will be ups and downs in health throughout the year. but there is no fear of any serious or fatal disease, however menace of minor discomforts and seasonal ailments will continue. Stomach related problems and ailments will be more pronounced. You should pay more attention to your eating habits. Relations between husband-wife will remain cordial.

There may be a dispute with brothers over property. If you are working in a partnership then keep an eye on your partner. You may get an opportunity for promotion in your job. Your boss and colleagues will appreciate your work. This year you might pick up an argument with any close person or relative on some issue. You will have new friends this year and there are strong indications of these friendships benefitting you. You will be inclined towards unfair and illegal activities, however do not follow the dictates of the mind otherwise you’ll land in a trouble. You will find your friends and relatives with you in all situations. There is a probability of transfer in job also. Journeys are also on the cards, you may plan a religious trip with your family this year.

Remedies for No. 6 for the year 2020

In order to turn the year more favorable to you,
1. Use more perfumes and fragrant fluids and worship Devi (Mother Goddess).
2. Wear also a Zircon gem embedded Shukra Yantraaround your neck.

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