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No. 7's Luck as per Numerology in the Year 2020

No. 7’s Luck in the Year 2020

The ruling planet of number 7 is Neptune. Neptune has been considered the form of Varun. This is the slowest moving water planet. These people are cool-natured, patient, empathetic, gentle and day-dreamers. Their mind is highly developed and have strong creativity. They are expert in going deep into the details of anything; believe in the in-depth study of everything. Their views are extraordinary in the matters of religion. They are highly sensitive towards the sorrows and pains of others. These people have a lot of self-respect. They always desire change and are fond of visiting new places during trips. Any work done on Sundays and Mondays is lucky for them. Light blue, light yellow, white and light green colors bring them good luck.

The Lord of number 7 is Neptune while the master of 2020 is Uranus or Harshal. This year is not good for you. Due to the enmity between both these numbers, you will have to face contradictory situations. You might have to visit a hospital this year because of health issues of any elderly relative. Expenditure of hospital is on the cards. A big deal or order in business may slip out of your hand. There are strong indications of financial losses. You will exert and toil a lot for getting better results in the tasks at hand.

In few matters you need to work with patience and caution, many a times decisions taken in hurry and emotionally may prove wrong. Exercise control on your speech and anger. You might do some work for which you may be criticized or ridiculed. Though you are not de-motivated or demoralized by any challenging or unfavorable situation but this year the ongoing ups and downs in finances will break you from the core, hew problems will be so overbearing that you will be greatly upset. But your friends and relatives will stand with you through all the thick and thin. You will not pay any heed to your enemies and those opposing you. You shall find the solutions to all the problems with your intelligence. You will get full support of your spouse and family in all situations.

Remedies for No. 7 for the Year 2020

In order to enhance the auspiciousness of the year,
1. Wworship Lord Bhairava.
2. Wear an Aquamarine Ratna embedded in a 'Paanariya Yantra' around your neck
3. Take bath on every Saturday with the water in which little of cow-urine is added.

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