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No. 8's Luck as per Numerology in the Year 2020

No. 8’s Luck in the Year 2020

Number 8 is under the influence of Saturn. All those people born on the 8th, 17th, 26th of any month, They are influenced by the ruling number 8. Being governed by Saturn they have a mysterious and complex personality. These people become victims of doubt and suspicion in their lifetime. Probably this is why they feel lonely from inside. Due to their nature they go into the depth of everything. They bear a powerful personality and perform any major role during their lifetime. They are fanatics and ideologists and do not care about opposition to their ideas because of which they make several enemies. Neither are they able to express their feelings nor are able to express their actual ideas, though people might develop wrong notions about them. These people either attain success or failure. If they are ambitious, then they acquire high positions. From a worldly or primary perspective, 8 is not a lucky number. The people in this series have to struggle a lot in their lifetime. They have to face many sorrows and hardships. These people should undertake their important projects and tasks on 8th, 17th and 26th of any month. Number 8 is of Saturn, hence Saturday is believed to be an important day for people having number 8. Dark gray, black, green and blue are regarded to be lucky colors for these people.

The master of your ruling number 8 is Saturn while the Lord of year 2020 is Harshal or Uranus. There is lot of similarities between both, hence this year will be a mixed year bringing both good and bad news for you. In the first half of the year (till June), there will be ups and downs in your health. Obstacles will crop up in tasks nearing completion but through tact you will manage to get your work done. In many cases your ideas and tact will come handy. Students will lack focus in studies. The desired concentration will be lacking.

People trying to take up a job should focus more. You will work hard in business but still the profits will be comparatively very low. Your money may get stuck somewhere. You need to be very careful in matters of money. Keep a check on expenses, otherwise you may be required to borrow money. The Lord of your ruling number is Saturn which will drive you towards unfair and illegal acts this year. Be watchful and alert or you may even get caught. This year I would also advise you to drive your vehicle carefully. Relatives and friends will not be of much help, rather they would solicit your help and support. A lot of money will be spent on child’s education, marriage, career etc. you might require to take loan for growth of business which you will repay on time.

Remedies for No. 8 for year 2020

In order to get favorable and auspicious results of your efforts this year
1. offer til (sesame) seeds and mustard oil to the Saturn idol in a Shani Mandir on every Saturday.
2. Always keep a fragrant black or indigo coloured handkerchief in your pocket.
3. Wear a Amythest (Kateila Ratna) Gemstone embedded Shani Yantra around your neck.

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