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No. 8's Luck as per Numerology in the Year 2019

This No. 8 is ruled by Saturn. Those who are born on any date?th, 17th, 26th they will have No. 8 as their basic number. The effect of the number gets more accentuated if these dates occur between 22nd December and 18th February. The No. 8 people generally fall victim to the misunderstandings they get in their life. Perhaps this is why they always feel lonely in their heart. Such people prefer to get to the very depth of any matter.

Nevertheless, they possess a powerful personality and play an important role in their sojourn in the world. They are by nature strict and stick to their principles. That is why, they create many enemies for themselves. They are generally unable to express their emotions. In fact, they are unable to manifest their real view as well´┐Żeven at the cost of letting people form a wrong opinion about them. No. '8' people either get full success in their endeavours or utter failure.

They are also highly ambitious and achieve top positions. From the worldly point of view, No. '8' is not a lucky number. Such people have to suffer much problems and struggles. They should start their major works/ projects/ventures etc. on 8th, 17th and 26th of any month. Since No. '8' is ruled by Saturn, Saturday is a very lucky day for them. For them, the lucky colours are dark grey, black, green or dark blue. No. '8' is ruled by Saturn while the year (2019) no. 3 is ruled by Jupiter.

Since both are not compatible, the no. 8 native will have this year as quite unsettling. Students will not get the results as expected as they won't be able to study well. But for love affairs this may be quite rewarding for you, although such escapades may ruin your career prospects. Your boss or seniors won't remain happy with you. However, senior family members will keep on blessing you.

The spouses may have occasional conflicts. During this year you may yourself feel as though your efficiency has taken a downward sling. In service you may be given a worthless assignment. Be careful about your monetary transactions.

Remedies for No. 8 for year 2019

In order to get favorable and auspicious results of your efforts this year
1. offer til (sesame) seeds and mustard oil to the Saturn idol in a Shani Mandir on every Saturday.
2. Always keep a fragrant black or indigo coloured handkerchief in your pocket.
3. Wear a Amythest (Kateila Ratna) Gemstone embedded Shani Yantra around your neck.

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