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No. 9's Luck as per Numerology in the Year 2020

No. 9’s Luck in the Year 2020

The ruling planet of number 9 is the magnificent and fighter Mars. All those born on 9th, 18th, 27th of any month have 9 as their ruling number. Whatever these people achieve in their life is only after a lot of struggle. They have to face many hardships in the beginning of their life. However they achieve success through their hard work and self confidence. They do not like to be dominated by others. These people have the misfortune of fighting and getting into arguments in their family life. These people cannot tolerate criticism against themselves. They do not like the interference of anyone in their plans and work. These people possess unique potential for management. They are always ready to sacrifice everything for their love. Anybody can make them lool by showing fake love and entangling them in their love-. They are careless and highly sensitive, they are the most successful people in their final phase of life.

This year is not good for 9 Mulank people. The Mulank for 2020 is 4 and there is enmity between 4 & 9. Due to its influence you may have to face problems in health. Stomach ailments, gastro related diseases and seasonal diseases will be more pronounced. As for business and job, conditions and situations will be slightly shaky. You will work very hard to bring life on track but success will be nominal and slow in coming. You need to put more efforts in career and job related exams. This year earnings will be less but expenditure will be very high.

Keep a check on your expenses. This year growth in income is not in your hand, however you can manage the financial situation by putting a rein on your expenses. Drive carefully and with extra caution wear seat belt, helmet (bike) and other safety equipment’s. Keep away from romantic entanglements or else there is danger of infamy and dishonour.

Remedies for No. 9 for year 2020

In order to enhance the auspiciousness of this year,
1. Wear a Mangal Yantra with an embedded Red Coral and worship Lord Hanuman.
2. Chant Hanuman Chalisa Daily.
3. Wear Ten Mukhi Rudraksha around your neck in Red Thread

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