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No. 9's Luck as per Numerology in the Year 2019

No. 9 is ruled by the brilliant and aggressive Mars. Those who are born on 9th, 18th or 27th have No. 9 as their basic number. The No. '9' people will have to put a valiant struggle for their achievements. Their initial phase of life is invariably comprises with many hardships. But they achieve success by their hard work and dedication.

They detest working under anybody's command. Such people have their life replete with family confrontations/clashes and bickerings. They can't stand criticism and abhor anyone interfering in their plans/works and their implementation. But they are expert managers, endowed with rare management prowess. They are always prepared to. sacrifice everything they have for the sake of love. So anyone can deceive them in the snare wrought with false love.

They are by nature callous and extremely emotional. But in the end of their life they are generally hailed as successful persons. The year (2019's) basic number is '3' while yours is 9 and both are friendly. So this shall be a good year for you. Chances are strong about your getting promotion. Your boss and seniors will be happy with your work. May get good money - despite a wind-fall. Health will improve.

You'll enjoy a familial peace and prosperity phase. In your profession you may achieve your targets and shall not lose your courage even amidst most daunting circumstances. You will achieve success in your ventures rather continuously. In trade and business you shall get good profit and desired results as well. Enemies and opponents will be defeated and out-witted.

Remedies for No. 9 for year 2019

In order to enhance the auspiciousness of this year,
1. Wear a Mangal Yantra with an embedded Red Coral and worship Lord Hanuman.
2. Chant Hanuman Chalisa Daily.
3. Wear Ten Mukhi Rudraksha around your neck in Red Thread

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