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The condition in which a married couple finds it difficult to produce an offspring is called male sterility. The defect may be either with the male partner or the female partner. These defects can be either organic or functional. In males the procreative factor is the sperm. It is produced in the testicles and ejaculated through the male genital organ during sexual intercourse. The production of sperm is regulated by hormones which are secreted by the ductless glands of the body. For the procreation of offspring, the sperm should be active and they should be in sufficient numbers in the semen. Sometimes because of some morbidity, sperm is either absent in the semen or small in number. In such cases conception does not take place.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Male sterility: The condition in which the sperm does not exist in the semen is difficult to treat. But if the sperms are present, but they are either few in number, or inactive, the condition can be easily remedied.

Ashvagandha is the ideal drug for the treatment of this condition. The root of this plant is used. It is cultivated in some parts of the country but is available in all parts of the country as jungle weed. Its root, when fresh, has a smell like that of the urine of the horse. Hence its name is ashvagandha. The dried root of this plant does not have any smell, and can be taken without much inconvenience. It can either be taken as powder in a dose of one teaspoonful twice daily followed by a cup of milk each time, or it can be boiled with milk and then taken.

To make it palatable it can be mixed with sugar syrup: This preparation is called Ashvagandha Ichya. It becomes a linctus and can be given to the patient in a dose of one teaspoonful twice daily followed by a cup of milk. One alcoholic preparation of this medicine is called Ashvagandharishta. It is given to the patient in a dose of 30 ml. twice daily after food with equal quantity of water.

The other drug useful in this condition is kapikacchu. It is a creeper which grows all over the country. The seeds which are inside the pods of this plant are used in the medicine. They are roasted and made into powder. One teaspoonful of the powder of this drug is given to the patient twice daily followed by a cup of milk each time.

Makaradhvaja is the most important medicine which is commonly used by Ayurvedic physicians in the treatment of this and allied conditions. It is prepared by a special process through the combination of mercury, sulphur and gold. 125 mg. of this medicine are given to the patient twice daily on an empty stomach mixed with half a teaspoonful of butter and half a teaspoonful of sugar.

All these above mentioned medicines, apart from their spermatopoetic and spermatogenetic properties, are very good tonics for the nerves and the heart. They do not produce any adverse effect even if used for a long time. They, however, produce warmth in the body. Thus, they are ideal for the winter season.

Diet to taken by male sterility patients: Saline, sour, pungent and bitter things are not good for this condition. Food ingredients having sweet and astringent tastes are normally administered to the patients. Sweet things like milk, ghee and butter are useful. Meat or eggs can be given to the patient in good quantity. Cow's milk and ghee prepared from it is considered to be specially useful in the treatment of this condition.

Other regimens: All medicines which produce active sperms of better quality are usually aphrodisiacs, i.e., they are sex stimulants. The individual should, however, take care not to indulge in sex too frequently. Restraint in sex is always -good for this condition.