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MEASLES It is a highly infectious disease characterised by the catarrh of the respiratory passages and a widespread eruption on the skin. In Ayurveda this is known as romantika.

It usually occurs during spring and autumn seasons. In the beginning the patient gets cough, cold and fever. The eyes become red, followed by drowsiness, anorexia and even diarrhoea. Eruptions start from the forehead, and they are small and red. In about 3-4 days, this spreads all over the body. When the eruptions fully disappear, the fever comes down and other accompanying symptoms like cough and cold also disappear. Sometimes it affects the bronchial tree, thereby causing cough and fever.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Measles: It usually affects the infants. Both for the prevention and the cure of this disease, pravala pishti is very useful. Small pieces of coral (pravala) are pounded and crushed in pestle and mortar. To this, some water is added and the whole thing is triturated till it comes out in the form of a fine powder. To infants this is given in a dose of 0.2 gm, to 0.50 gm., three times a day, mixed with honey. As a preventive measure it is given only once in the early morning on empty stomach.

Diet to taken by Measles patients: The patient should be given a very light diet like barley gruel and fruit juice.

Other regimens: The measles patient should not be exposed to cold wind and rain. Bathing during the attack of the disease is strictly prohibited.