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PUS IN THE EAR: In Ayurveda this condition is known as putikarna. Inflammation of the ear is caused by some organisms. These organisms flourish when the patient is suffering from cold, cough and sinusitis. Small children are commonly affected by this ailment. At times, feeding milk to the child forcibly results in the milk coming to the middle and the external ears. This leads to inflammation and pus formation.

When pus comes from the ear, it produces a foul smell. There is acute pain and the child cries. It is usually associated with cough and even at times with fever. Kapha dosha is primarily responsible for all these manifestations.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Pus in the ear: Lakshmi vilasa rasa is the drug of choice for the treatment of this condition. It is given internally to an adult in a dose of one pill three times a day, mixed with honey. To the children also it is given internally but in a reduced dose.

Nirgundi is the drug of choice for external use in the condition. The juice of the leave of this plant is mixed with mustard oil and boiled. This medicated oil is dropped into the ear twice daily.

In the similar way bilva is used in this condition. A paste of the root of the plant is boiled with mustard oil and after filtering, this medicated oil is used as ear drops.

Diet to taken by Pus in the ear patients: Ingredients of food which aggravate kapha are prohibited. Curd, banana, guava and sour fruits should not be given to the patient. Intake of garlic, onion and ginger is very useful in this condition.

Other regimens: The patient should not take bath, nor should he expose himself to cold wind and rain.