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Charms, Mascots , Amulets and Lucky signs in Astrology

Belief in charms, mascots, amulets, signs and the like articles have bee preset since ancient times to ward off evil or to bring good luck. The right charm has been studied by a great many people and is available with Gypsies and others. These are called lucky Sings. These are used in Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Iron or Bhoj Patra etc. some of them are-

1. Om – This is a sing for prosperity, comfort and all round success. This may be worn around neck or o a ring in gold silver or copper.

2. Swastika – it is most auspicious ad widely tested sign for lord Ganesh, meaning “Surveyor of good fortune”. It can be worn around neck or on the ring in gold, silver or copper. It bestows good luck ad prosperity to wearer.

3. Trishul – this is attributed to lord shiva and is a perfect sign of good luck. It saves wearer from opposition and enemies and also used for spiritual advancement.

4. Cross it is attributed to Jesus Christ. It ensures prosperity, peace of mind, purity I life, and helps the wearer to realize Christ.

5. Hand – it is a symbol of good qualities of hospitality, generosity strength ad goodness. The hand is attributed to FATIMA, daughter of Prophet Mohammed.

6. Sham rock – it is national symbol of Ireland. It is a plant with three leaves and a white clover. This is worn in natural state or in the form of a symbol to bring fortune and prosperity.

7. Sward – it is a sacred symbol of Sikhs, an auspicious sign for prosperity, bravery & courage. It keeps the enemies at bay and ensures victory.

8. Beads – these are worn for prosperity, cure from diseases and for spiritual advancement. Coral beads are used for children to protect them from evil eye or disease. The best beads are of rudraksha, chandan, tulsi or of coral.

9. Acorn – it is a nut or fruit of the oak tree called oak apple. People have been to carrying a dried acorn, believing that it will give those youth or will cause a lover to return ad repent for leaving his beloved.

10. Angle – a right angle, like the letter “L”, is the harbinger of learning ad deep understanding for those who are scholarly.

11. Arrow head – An arrowhead offers protection against evil, especially from evil eye. It is normally worn around the neck.

12. Axe – An axe head carved from an attractive piece of stone is believed to be a charm against evil. It is worn around the neck either with a string or chain.

13. Badger tooth – Since ancient times, when playing cards were invented, players have worn a Badgers tooth in order to have luck at the games. It is also good for children.

14. Bamboo ad serpent – this is an ancient complicated symbol. It consists of a circle around which numerous triangles are inscribed; across the circle lays a bamboo stick of seven sections crossed by a serpent. The circle represents eternity; the triangle represents Trinity, bamboo stick with sever knots represent seven stages of wisdom through which a scholar must pass to attain perfect knowledge. Serpent is a symbol of wisdom ad knowledge. Altogether it is a very lucky charm to brig luck ad success to the students.

15. Bees – in jewelry figure of a bee I a precious metal like gold etc. are made and embedded with precious stone. This when worn, brings great success I business. The wearer will be energetic I which buying and selling is involved.

16. Bull – it is a symbol of strength, power and determination. To wear its replica especially its head, brings to wearer above qualities.

17. Clover – the four – leaf clover is considered a source of good luck. One leaf of clover brings fame, another wealth, a third faithful lover and the fourth good health. Overall it is considered a source of good luck & fortune.

18. Dolphin – this is fish like creature. The replica is worn for success I music, literature and painting. Its influence o these arts is said to be great.

19. Fish – the ancient Hebrews and other people adopted the fish as a religious symbol. Due to its great fertility, it is a sign of wealth, progeny and prosperity. Many people wearer little carvings of fish for luck and wealth.

20. Heart – it is a symbol of love. Lovers give each other a symbol of heart as a pledge of love and fidelity. It means wearer accepts the pledge of love I all sincerity.

21. Horse shoe – Universally accepted as a charm of good luck and means to keep the luck from spilling over, a black horseshoe is fixed on doors ad its ring is worn to ward off the evil effect of Saturn and its Sadesati. It is widely tested for dispelling evil eye and brigs comforts and wealth to the wearer.

22. Ekk Okar – this is universal symbol for brotherhood ad advancement of spiritualism used by Sikhs as Hindus wear Om and Swastika. It brings peace of mind and is worn around the neck and made of gold, silver or steel.

23. Khanda – it is another religious symbol of Sikhs, which consists of three parts, central sword belong to Guru Hargovind Sigh, the two swords o the side are attributed to Guru Govind Singh and the central circle used to protect the native and destroy the enemies. This emblem indicates courage, valor, protection from enemies and destruction of all evils.

Sikhs use this as a lucky charm made of gold or silver and wear around the neck to attain all its virtues.

24. 786 –this number is considered very auspicious by Muslims to bring good luck, wealth and prosperity. It is akin to Om or Ekk Onkar for Hindus or Sikhs.

25. Crescent Moo – it is considered very auspicious by in all religions and brings good luck and health particularly to children.

26. Key – three keys are usually worn together. In this charm, the key stand for love, health and wealth ad wearer is believed to be able to unlock the doors to these.

27. Knots – Knots tie thing together, sacred knots are used I marriage. It is worn to indicate unbreakable bonds between those who wear them.

28. Owl – the owl is a symbol of deep knowledge and wisdom. The wearer is blessed with both these qualities.

29. Penny – the ordinary penny is not a source of good luck. The penny bearing the date of a leap year is considered lucky and brings good fortune and wealth to the wearer.

30. Ring – A ring signifies eternity as it has the perfect circle with no end. If worn it means a vow made to be kept till eternity. The wedding ring as also the gift of a ring to a lover one carried the same idea.

31. Serpent – this is the most auspicious replica, which stands for knowledge, wisdom and heading from diseases. It enables wearer to excel in either the arts of learning or those of heading. Its small image is worn around neck or on a ring.

32. Tau – it is consists of two straight lines – one vertical and the other horizontal. People wear this charm to ward off skin diseases.

33. Specific charm – Some people make and carry their own charm. If an object is connected with one’s success or has held an auspicious record in the family, it is perfectly in order to use such object as a charm and source of good luck.