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Effect of Kaalsarpa Dosha

The following points should be considered while assessing the effects of Kaalsarpa Yoga:

1. The 12 bhavas of a chart constitute the whole life of the native. A chart in which th- planets are well spread out is generally better thai the one in which the planets are segregated in only half the portion of the chart as in the case of Kaalsarpa Yoga. This tends to imbalance the life of thenative in the areas specified by the nodal axis.

2. The ascendant, ascendant lord, Sun and Moon carry special importance in a chart. / better position of all these gives essential strength to the chart and hence to the personality of tte native. A good astrologer should first assess these constituents and only then conclude whether uncler the influence of an adverse Kaalsarpa Yoga, the native will be ruined or will get through successfully.

3. The presence of other positive factors in a chart like exalted planets, planets posited in their own or friendly signs and planets aspecting their own houses, etc. give overall strength to the chart and greatly help in reducing the malefic effects due to an inauspicious yoga.

4. The Kaalsarpa Yoga formed in the 3rd, 6th or 11th house is considered favourable as it does not cause much harm. This yoga formed in the 9th house is also not very harmful.

5. One needs to assess the position of the nodal axis in the Navamsha Chart. If the sign and house-wise position of the nodes improves, the adverse effects be reduced.

6. Being Shadowy planets, the nodes are influenced by the planets with which they conjoin, planets aspecting them and the lords of the signs occupied by them. Also, the effect of the constellation in which the nodes fall in the birth chart is of paramount importance. If the nodes are in the constellations of benefic planets, favourable results can be expected.