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Rishi Panchami FESTIVALS

Rishi Panchami fast and ritual is observed o the fifth day of the bright half of Bhadra (August- September). The acts of piety and devotion observed on this day are dedicated to the Sapt Rishis or the Seven Seers, the mental sons of Brahma- Pulastya, Kratu, Pulaha, Marichi, Atri and Vashistha. It is Primarily a women’s fast and festival, but can be observed even by a ma for the well- being and happiness of his wife.

An earthen or copper pitcher, filled with water, is installed on an altar sanctified with cow dung, and an eight- petalled lotus is also made thereon. Then, the Sapt Rishis are worshipped, with betel leaf, flowers, camphor and conjugal excellence, is also worshipped along with the Seven Sages.

On this day at the time of breaking the fast only fruits are taken, salt, milk, ghee and sugar are completely avoided. Brahmins are given Dakshina by the aspirants which it is believed pleases the Seven Seers and the gods.