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Shravani Mela - FESTIVALS

In the sacred month of Shravan, a grand fair is held in Bihar at Deoghar. During this month devotees fill up water from the holy Gaga at Sultanganj and carry it on their shoulders to Deoghar and offer it on Shiva Lingam. The 100 kms. Distance from Sultanganj to Deoghar, is covered by trekking. All along the long route the pilgrims go on chanting “Bol Bam! Bol Bam!” thousands and thousands of them, all clad in saffron carry the sacred water in kanwars, continue trekking day and night, in rain or scorching sun to their destination. In the shrine at Deoghar pilgrims throng in a large number carrying Ganga Jal and shouting. “Bol Bom!” they present a unique and unforgettable sight.