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Story of skand Puran

Story from Skand Puran: Glory of Someshwar Teerth

Maharshi Atri had emerged from the heart of Brahmaji when, in the past, he wished to expand the universe. Maharshi Atri went to forest to perform tapasya at the command of Brahmaji. There, he performed arduous tapa named Anuttar for three thousand divine years. Radiant by the influence of tapasya, his semen fell in his eyes in the form of water and started lighting all the directions. This radiance of his was called Som (moon). Brahmaji placed Somdev on his chariot for the benefit of the entire loks. Seeing Somdev on the chariot of Brahmaji, gods and rishis and munis hailed him. Due to this Somdev became radiant. Adorning the chariot, Somdev revolved around the earth for twenty-one times. During circling the earth, wherever his radiance spilled on the earth all types of grains and medicines came into existence there.

After that, Somdev performed ten thousand years of arduous tapa and pleased Brahmaji. Pleased with his tapa, Brahmaji made him the ruling god of seeds, medicine, water, and Brahmins.

Then by the command of Brahmaji, Somdev organized a large Rajsuya yajna. Along with the gods, all the rishis and munis were invited at this auspicious occasion. The attending members performed methodical prayer and worship of Somdev at the conclusion of the yajna. Daksh Prajapati married his twenty-seven daughters - Ashvini, Bharani, Kritika, Rohini, Mrigshir, Punarvasu, Pushya, Ashlesha, Hast, Adra, Magha, Poorva Falguni, Uttara Falguni, Chitra, Anuradha, Swati, Vishakha, Mool, Jyeshtha, Poorvasharha, Uttarasharha, Shravan, Shatbhisha, Dhanishtha, Poorva Bhadrapad, Uttara Bhadrapad, and Revati - with Somdev. On receiving so much respect, affluence and wealth, Somdev's heart developed ego. Considering himself superior to most due to this ego, he began ignoring other gods.

One day, Somdev's lustful sight fell upon Devguru Brihaspati's wife Tara. She was extraordinarily beautiful. Somdev was blind in the pride of his affluence, hence he abducted Tara. Seeing such an unethical deed, he received rejection from all the loks. Gods and devrishis tried to advise Somdev in many ways but he did not agree to return Tara.

Then, angry with his misdemeanour, the king of gods, Indra, along with other gods attacked him. A fierce battle followed between the two sides, but gods had to face defeat at the end.

On the defeat of gods, Devraj (the king of gods) Indra asked help from Lord Shiv. On their prayer, Mahadev riding on Nandi marched to punish Somdev.

Hither, when Somdev received the news, he too took his position on the battlefield.

When Brahmaji saw the temerity of Somdev, he spoke advising him, "Son! What kind of silly task have you undertaken? Lord Mahadev is aadipurush. That parbrahm cannot be defeated. Your hardihood will lead you to death. Therefore, you return Tara humbly and ask for his forgiveness. Lord Shiv is very kind. He will certainly grant you pardon."