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STOMATITIS: Inflammation of the mouth resulting in defuse redness, erosion, blisters and submucousal haemorrhages and ulcers is known as stomatitis. The tongue may also be affected simultaneously. In Ayurveda this is called mukhapaka.

It might be caused by different types of germs. It might also be a symptom of the toxity of the drugs and heavy metals. Nutritional deficiency may also be responsible for the causation of this disease. This may appear as a symptom of some other diseases also.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Stomatitis: The patient of this type normally remains constipated. He should be given a laxative and this should be repeated till the patient is cured. Triphala is the proper laxative for this purpose. Haritaki, bibbitaki and amalaki taken together are called triphala. The pulp of the fruit of these three is taken in equal quantity and kept in a powder form for use. This powder can be given daily to the patient in a dose of one teaspoonful at bedtime. The taste of this drug is astringent and, therefore, it may not be liked by the patient. It should, therefore, be mixed with a cup of milk to which half a teaspoonful of sugar should be added and mixed well and given to the patient at bedtime. If the bowels of the patient do not react to this properly, then the dose can be increased. This can be given to the patient in the form of decoction also. To a cup of water, one teaspoonful of this powder is to be added and boiled till half. Then it is to be filtered and given to the patient at bedtime. Because of its astringent taste, a teaspoonful of honey may be added to it and mixed well before it is administered to the patient.

Khadiradi vati is the drug of choice for the treatment of this condition. The main ingredient of this medicine is khadira. This medicine is available in tablet form. The patient should be given one tablet of this medicine to keep it in the mouth and slowly suck it as it dissolves in saliva. Like this, 6 to 8 tablets should be given to the patient per day. This prevents excessive saliva and produces a soothing effect on the ulcers and inflamed parts.

Irimedadi taila is also commonly used for the treatment of the condition. One teaspoonful of this medicated oil is added to a cup of warm water and the patient is given this mixture for gargling. This should be repeated 3-4 times a day.

Diet to taken by Stomatitis patients: The patient should take non-constipative diet, free from sour things, including curd and pickles and spices. Green vegetables and fruits should be given to the patient in considerable amount. Papaya and surana are very useful for the patient.

Other regimens: Those who suffer from Chronic stomatities should avoid using tobacco in any form. Use of tooth paste or tooth powder having neem in any form is extremely useful