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Yogas formed by Sun

The Sun is a royal planet' which denotes administrative capability, physical strength, dominance, courage and valour. It is indicative of fire and heat, has a bilious disposition, and concerns itself with kingly ventures.

It represents father, high status, mountainous regions, forests, leadership, physicians, bones in the body, gold, ruby, red cloth, saffron, Kshatriyas (the second in order in the four-castes system), eastern direction and the world of mortals. As far as its physical attributes are concerned, the Sun has a squarish body, beautiful appearance, scanty but curly hair, good voice and intelligence, medium stature, red eyes, strong bones, dark red complexion and saffron clothes. It is taciturn, valiant and dignified.

Yogas that obtain under a dominant Sun acquire a tinge of royalty, dignity and administrative capability. The Sun obscures the influence of other planets which attain its proximity. Such planets become combust and tend to lose their capacity to function effectively or beneficially. The Sun is considered a natural malefic.