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04. 07. 2020
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Buy Ruby Gems / Pendants / Rings

Adam's Pagination

INR:5000 USD:71.43
Indian Ruby 5ct In Silver Sun Pendant

INR:18000 USD:257.14
3 Ct Approx. Ruby(High Quality New Burma)

INR:20750 USD:296.43
5.20 Ct Approx. New Burma Ruby

INR:21000 USD:300.00
New Burma Ruby(7.10 Caret Approx.)

INR:102000 USD:1457.14
Ruby(5 Ct Approx.) Old Burma

INR:22000 USD:314.29
6.20 Ct New Burma Ruby

INR:8800 USD:125.71
4.40 Ct New Burma Ruby

INR:20400 USD:291.43
Ruby(5.45 Caret Approx.)

INR:12500 USD:178.57
Ruby(4.80 Ct. App.)(New Burma)

INR:20800 USD:297.14
Ruby(5.05 Caret Approx.)

INR:22750 USD:325.00
Ruby(4.05 Caret)

INR:12000 USD:171.43
Ruby 6.50 Caret

INR:33000 USD:471.43
Ruby(3.85 Ct.)

INR:49500 USD:707.14
Ruby (Size- 8.25 Ct.)

INR:3500 USD:50.00
6 Ct. African Ruby In Pandhatu Ring

INR:15400 USD:220.00
Burma Ruby(5.45 Ct.)

INR:9000 USD:128.57
Ruby(3.10 Ct.)

INR:6500 USD:92.86
New Burma Ruby(3.15 Ct.)

INR:6500 USD:92.86
Ruby(7.45 Ct.)

INR:8500 USD:121.43
Ruby(12.75 Ct.)

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