Story of Kashyap Brahmin from Agni Purans in Hindusm
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Story of Kashyap Brahmin from Garud Puran

Karwa Chauth is observed by married ladies on the fourth day of the dark half of kartik (October-November) in order to ensure prosperity. sound health and longevity of their husband. Widows and unmarried girls do not practice it.

The married women keep a strict fast and do not take even a drop of water. They get up early in the morning, perform their ablutions and wear new and festive raiments. Shiva, Parvati and son Karttikeya are worshipped on this day along with ten Karwas (the small earthern pots with spouts) filled with sweets.

These are given to the daughters and sisters along with gifts. At night when the moon appears, the women break their fast after offering water to the moon. The women tell among themselves the story of Chauth on this day.

Sometimes a Brahmin priest tells this story and gets gift in return. The married women receive costly gifts from their husbands, brothers and parents on this occasion. They touch the feet of their mother-in-law and other elderly ladies of the family and seek their blessings.

There are many interesting stories related to the celebration of Karwa Chauth. A legend says that once on this day a young married woman observed this fast at her parent's house. She was very beautiful and tender. The austerity of the strict fast made her almost lifeless. So, her brothers caused a fire on the nearby hill and told her that the moon has risen. The fire gave out the glow of the moon and no sooner did she break her fast on seeing the false moon, than she received the evil news of her husband's death at a distant place.

She immediately set out for her husband's house. On the way Shiva-Parvati met her and explained to her that the cause of her tragedy was the immature termination of the fast. Parvati gave her some blood from her little finger and asked the lady to sprinkle it on her dead husband. Parvati also advised her to observe complete and strict Chauth fast in future. On reaching home, the lady sprinkled the holy blood over her husband's dead body and he was at once revived. Ever since then, she observed Chauth fast in strict conformity and led a happy prosperous and healthy, life with her: husband and children.