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Remedies for Planet Sun

Indications of Good or Benefic Sun in Horoscope

- It signifies father in relations, Father’s health, your relation and his status indicates the status of planet in Horoscope.

- It indicates courage, power, vitality, personality authority, consciousness, sattvic nature of the Person.

- In body, heart, brain, head, eye, bones, chest, lungs and stomach are the parts signified by Planet.

- Characteristics of being ambition, boldness, dignity, commanding power, politician, reliable, energy, grace and personality, generosity and kind heartedness indicates that it is Benefic .

- Optimism, administrator, respect for elders, reputation, permanent rank, general success, royalty, real love, fame, determination and people in authority, faith, power and good temperament are also the indicators of Good Planet.

Indication of Bad or Malefic Sun in Horoscope

- It gives, arrogance, wavering temperament, jealous, over ambitious, irritable, angry, haughty, proud, self opinionated, showy, dominating nature, dangerous tendencies, obstacles and difficulties

- Characteristics of extravagance, entrusted, loss through the misdirected efforts of females, (when afflicted by Venus), public opposition, unfriendly towards women (when afflicted by Moon) immoral and spiteful indicates malefic planet.

- Diseases signified by Sun are weak eyesight, headache, disturbance of blood circulation, fevers, bone weakness, palpitation of heart, baldness, Hyper irritability, bile, burning of body, epilepsy, heart disease, lucaria, appendicitis, fistula and inflammatory complaints.

Remedies for Planet Sun, if benefic in a horoscope, following remedies should be performed as mentioned below:


1. Wear Ruby Gemstone on Sunday one hour of the sunrise set in gold, copper or silver ring, touching the skin of the finger. It should be worn in ring finger of right hand after being washed with gangajal / unboiled milk.

2. Wear gold chain till stomach.

3. Grow rose plant at home and always keep fresh roses in the pot.

4. Wear red colour clothes.

5. Use copper vessels.

6. Nail four copper nails in the bed's four corners.

7. House door should be in the east.

8. Business related with sun articles will prove good.

9. Wear Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha around your neck in Red Thread.

10. Place Surya Yantra in your Puja Ghar.

Remedies for Planet Sun, if malefic in horoscope, then the following propitiation should be performed :

1. Do japa of Sun mantra 108 times daily starting from Sunday. {Shukla paksha).

2. Wear Surya Yantra after getting its puja done on Sunday.

3. Give water to Sun daily in the morning through copper vessel and also put red chandan, red flower in it.

4. For 11 Sundays eat only curd in the afternoon.

5. Drink water in gold vessel.

6. Offer red Lotus flowers to Lord Ganesh for 1 or 21 Sundays.

7. Keep 12 Sunday fasts starting from Shukla Paksha. Do not consume salt in any form on that day. East sweet food before sunset. On last day of fast perform havan and give food to a holy man.

8. Give in charity articles related to Sun on Sunday to a poor or a holy man.

9. Do Tula daan on Sankaranti day.

10. Touch feet of father, elders and teachers and take their blessings.

11. Do not drink wine or eat non-vegetarian food. Keep good character.

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Daan for Planet Sun
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12. Give jaggery to monkeys on Sundays. Mix jaggery in kneaded dough of wheat and give it to the cow or give chapatti with gur to a cow.

13. Help blinds.

14. Do not accept or buy articles related to Sun on Sunday.

15. Throw copper coin or gur in running water (river) facing the flow of water on Sunday.

16. Give coconut and almonds in temple. If not possible then throw them in running water.

17. Take bath with medicinal Herbs related to Sun on Sunday.

18. Recite Vishnu Saharnamavali Daily.

19. Do or get Surya Homa , Surya Abhisheka done on your Behalf.

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