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Sun in 4th House :- Intelligent and brave yearly part Of your life, you will be a home bird, and will have strong influence of parents that of mother till middle age.

Acquisition of land, property, houses and products of land. Of provoking temperament, good memory, will speak rapidly, gain through inheritance and fortunate inheridity. A chance of honour in latter period of life. The native may reside in foreign countries. Insulted by the enemies and remain tense mentally. Discontented and one does not have much impressive personality.

Deprived of happiness of family and relations. Opposition with father.
One is popular, kind and generous. Fond of music, brave, gets family comforts and respected by the state, when Sun is posited in Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces.

If Sun is posited in Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius, Aries or Cancer denotes malefic results, one is gloomy, suspicious and debauche.
Such varied results of Sun in 4th house be noted according to signs of Sun posited therein and the aspect. A peaceful death when Sun is in Conjunction, association or in aspect with Mars, Saturn or Rahu.

Generally Sun in 4th house will make the first half of life full of troubles of various kinds arising out of family, health, uncongenial parents, death, separation, poor health, afflicted career, plans and ambitious are not fulfilled. However in middle and later part of life after age of 22 years, life will take a turn for better and then there may be gain, improvement, success in all matters as referred above.

If the lord of 4th house is strong, in trine or in square to the 4th house or 4th house is well aspected, the native gains through property, conveyance, wealth and family circumstances. If 4th house lord in the enemy house or in 3,6,12 houses, associated or aspected, then all is lost to the native, his life will be full of struggles, ups and downs.