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Saturn in 6th House

SATURN IN 6TH HOUSE : If strong, victory over enemies. One becomes adament, suffers at the hands of enemies. Increase in income, popular, great authority, loss through poultry and animals, labour trouble, fastitatious in tastes, deceitful, servants, and loss through them, over sexed, good digestive power, liability to suffer from ulcer, wounds and winds, Saturn being a malefic in 6th house is considered auspicious. It indicates, native is clever, active and courageous.

If well aspected, the native may gain in contract work, mining etc. Great financial or political success, nominal efforts are needed if in own sign or any other sign favourable to him. Generous, prosperous but not without some trouble. Blessed with sons. Respect for learned. Sensual and many attendants or followers. One is of robust in health, healthy, fortunate, conveyance, royal favour, wife and lucky sons. Saturn is favourable in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio Pisces. If afflicted, or in enemy's house, or in debilitation signs indicates annihilation or native's own family. Obstinate, diseased, clever, indebted, one is denied progney, a good writer,, disappointments. Incurable diseases like rheumatic if afflicted by lumaries and sign indicated where Saturn posited. Loss and troubles through servants, accidents and operations. Circulatory and debility.

Troubless and hindrance in early life. Much criticism, not much reward for hard work put in, premature retirement due to sickness, economic hardships in old age. Wealthy, authority and fame do not come all together.