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The most brilliant planet VENUS is significator of wife or business partner. Also denotes beauty, modesty, sincerity, fortune, artistic traits, conjugal happiness, love, friendship with opposite sex, pleasing personality, passions, pleasures, charming eyes, vehicle, conveyance, good health and smooth life, fertile imagination and attractive manners etc. When Venus is found afflicted in the horoscope, it signifies that native is amorous, immoral, jealous, unsmooth life, unpleasant domestic relations, ardent passions, financial loss, reversal, downfall, litigation, debauchery, legal troubles, dishonour and disgrace etc. So in the light of above traits of Venus, we now discuss the effects of Venus when posited in a particular sign of the horoscope.

1. In Aries. Venus in Aries gives the native warm sympathy, fond of travels, music, painting, dance, theatres and all types of amusements and recreations etc. The nature of native is ardent, affectionate, demonstrative, generous, fond of love and opposite sex, passionate and inclines to popularity, many friends, hasty or early marriage, charitable, free and generous in gifts and expenditures.

When found afflicted makes him impulsive, hasty, easily falling in love at first sight, passionate, prodigal, great desire for change, and craves for things, adventurous and romantic. Disappointments in love for affection of opposite sex.

indicated are catching cold, catarrh, eczema and inflammation of glands etc.

The native will have secret affairs with another man's wife. He goes to public women and gets into trouble due to them. Causing loss of money and prosperity due to quarrels.

2. In Taurus. Very strong love nature, steadfast in attachments, kind, generous, faithful in marriage and financial gain through that of good manners, etiquettes and respectability. Favourable for finances and conveyance also gain in business, profession or occupations indicated by Venus. It inclines to marriage which is delayed sometime. One has a number of women with him or vice versa for either sex. Venus is in own sign

When afflicted, makes the native lazy, spendthrift and dull. Delayed marriage, loss of finance or unfaithful is love etc.

Diseases indicated are weak throat, and inflammation thereof, tumor in the neck, pain in the back part of head or goitre etc.

3. In Gemini. Gives the native a happy combination of feeling for beauty and capacity for self expression, makes him highly respectable, many good friends, famous, changeable or dual love ,affairs, ineonsistancy and tendency to flirtation, pleasure and profit from tiuvels, occupations, gain through education, writings etc. Good, honoured, inventive, social, more than one marriage or union.

When afflicted makes the native changeable, superficial, fickle, difficulties in love, writing, marriage, domestic life, loss through travels, often two loves at a time and irresponsible.

Diseases indicated are bad respirations, impure blood, dropsy, blood be kept pure and too thin clothes be avoided.

4. In Cancer. Very strong feelings of love for children and those who are looked upon as such, love of home, strong affection for mother, kind hearted, sympathetic, responsive to the emotions, several love affairs, secret love attraction, ability in arts, occult, research and affairs of unseen world. Gain through matters connected with water, gain and acquisition of good conveyance and vehicles. The native may have two wives, gets diseases due to over indulgence in wine and women.

Venus in Cancer is not wholly good for marriage, as it indicates obstacles, either on account of parents, money or occupation and unforeseen difficulties.

When it is afflicted, the native is unpopular, connections with inferiors, delayed marriage, changeable feelings, disappointments in love, domestic life and prudent.

Diseases denoted are of stomach, enlargement of stomach and tumor thereof, sugar, irregularity in menses, enlargement of breast and vomiting etc.

5. In Leo. Such natives are liberal, sympathetic, charitable, kind hearted, free and generous. They have warm love aspirations, tender hearted, sincere and faithful in relations and attachments with opposite sex. A happy married life, his love nature is magnanimous and noble or idealistic and ardent in affections, attracted to opposite sex, fond of social display and society, gain through younger people, superiors and persons of good authority, also through judicious investment, speculation, inheritance and occupations connected with pleasures. One always tries to please women. Marries in high aristocrat family and gain through ladies.

When afflicted one .is inclined to bad speculations, fond of pleasures, loss and troubles through that.

Diseases indicated are palpitation of heart, enlargement of heart, affliction of spinal cord and arteries, backache etc.

6. In Virgo. Feelings of morality, love and beauty will be of rather a classical type, quite and well balanced. Makes the native cool and averse to marriage or platonic love. Some delay and disappointments in love, or dual attachments. Gain through servants and subordinates through drugs, medicines, or vocations indicated by earthy elements. Gain by vocation, investment and through the partner provided other testimonies allow in the horoscope . Sweet in talk with women, Addicted to women of lower class. Venus is in debilitated sign.

When afflicted, the disappointments in above affairs is indicated.

Diseases indicated are weak bowels, diarrhoea, one should take regulated diet, avoid much sweets, potatoes etc.

7. In Libra. Venus is posited here in own sign. This position is favourable for friendship and cooperation, rise in social position, one is idealistic, popular lover, happy marriage, social success and love for music, fine arts etc. Pure and refined affections and rich love nature, a fruitful union and good social standing. Gain through articles indicated by Venus also through marriage or partnership. One is popular among ladies and gains through them.

When afflicted causes disappointments in love and marriage. Reverse Results than as indicated above. Troubles, delays and disappointment or loss in marriage, partnership, sorrows through disagreement of jealousy. Loss of reputation, failures or troubles in social affairs, association with persons of ill fame, Death by poisoning, suicide due to unhappy alliances. Jealousy and intrigues.

Diseases indicated are diabetes, blood and urine poisoning, dry skin, eczema and acid salts. Avoid use of too much sugar and emotions, ardent in love, demonstrative in affections attracted towards opposite sex. This is due to Mars-effects. Venereal disease, women's complaints, hernia, throat illness, excessive sexual desires which be avoided.

8. In Scorpio. One is attached to another women than this wife. has quarrel with other women, loses money. Women's chart indicates physical earthy love. Demonstrative, affectionate in love and sexy. When assured of love is quite faithful without question.

When afflicted, one is sensual, rash, imprudent, passionate in sexual desires, intriguing jealous and fond of luxury, danger of seduction, being cheated, iii youth will be extravagant, be choosy about friends and misunderstood. Diseases indicated are venereal diseases, women's complaints, hernia, throat illness, intemperance in food and sex life and all other excesses should be avoided.

9. In Sagittarius. It makes the native sensitive to transitory feelings also high ideals of humanity and justice. Very refined nature, light hearted, impressionable, generous and of loyal disposition. Fond of fine arts, romance, travelling etc. Speculative, gain can also be looked up if horoscope permits. Love nature with opposite sex is denoted marriage with foreigner or at distant place.

When afflicted, superficial, romantic and filtration in nature. Disharmony and troubles in love affairs and domestic life. Reverse results than above.

Diseases indicated are tumors in hips and thigh, bronchitis and pulmonary. Too much sport be avoided.

10. In Capricorn. Position of uplift and trust, responsibility, authority, and profit, one gains favour from superiors, employers and elders. Faithful in love, earnestness and steadfastness. Social and popular. Gain through banking, earthy elements. Social and popular gain through banking, earthy elements, business, commerce and executive position. Favourable relations with friends of good position. Ambitious, diplomatic and careful at home. Disappointment in love, domestic unhappiness, coldness or indifference on the part of partner. Difference in age of the partner, more serious and of a different position in life. One is attached with an elderly women.

If afflicted, loss through partners in business, makes the native gloomy, Changeable, jealous of honour and respect. Loss through association of inferiors and those of doubtful nature.

Diseases indicated are affliction of knees with gout in the limbs, stomach disturbances, sickness, vomitting and skin diseases.

11.In Aquarius. Fond of pleasure and social life. More acquaintances with strangers,, and inferiors with wealth and refinements. Gain through friends, public enterprises, speculation, investments and inheritance. Fond of opposite sex, faithful and sincere in affection, sudden and unexpected experiences in love, marriage in middle or later years and with one of different age. Gain through partnership. Chaste, dogmatic in views which indicates extraordinary strong convictions. Popular, independent, fond of freedom. One is attached with other man's wife.

When afflicted there is danger of loss through false friends, disappointments in love and domestic life.

Diseases indicated are Hysteria, blood contamination, heart affliction, swollen vericose veins and ankles.

12. In Pisces. This is a sign of sacrifice, feelings of love, reach their highest expression. Attraction and helpful to weaker people than him and are needy. One is pitiful, loving, ready to help, fond of music, or rituals and ceremonies. Charitable, psychic, cheerful, hospitable, desirous of peace, luxury, and comforts. Gain of money through friends, Venusian occupations, secret alliances, economical and inspirational. Venus is in exalted sign.

When afflicted, hard time for acquiring money, loss of wealth through fraud, deception and unscrupulous methods. Difficulty, detriment and loss through intrigue, obstacles, delays and troubles in marriage. Emotional, whimsical and intemperance.

Diseases indicated are sensitive feet, corn, gout, tumor and abdominal swellings etc.


When Venus is afflicted or unfavourable to the native, one should donate ghee, camphor, curd, silver, rice, sugar, mild, scents, white cloth, cow and flowers. Give part of your food to cow.

Donation of Jawar, milk or cow will ward off the evil effects.

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