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Mars rules two signs, Aries and Scorpio and is significator of husband and energy which depends upon its position, aspects and location in the horoscope. Mars has much to do with the ambitions, desires, leadership and animal nature. Its manifestations are destructive and constructive according to the position as stated above. Mars governs external sex organs, muscular system, head, face, left ear, sense of taste and bladder etc. Mars also indicates accidents, injuries, operations, cuts, burns, scalds etc.

1. In Aries. Mars in this sign is posited in its own house. It bestows on the native full energy, WILL power and courage also self assurance, activity, industry, originality and mechanical ability.

Such persons are bold, enthusiastic, of very independent views, and strong WILL power, often act hastily and forcefully, Make the native pushing, energetic and dauntless, positive and zealous, a keen sense of judgement, lover of sport, pleasure and adventures. One has strong likes and dislikes. Increases the vitality, danger by fire, operations, accidents and mental complaints.

If afflicted denotes restless, impatient, hasty temper and trouble through head, face and eyes'. Violent; adventurous, a scar on the face of head and imprudent.

Diseases indicated are pain in head, insomnia, brain fever haemorrhage of brain, sunstroke, wounds in head or face or bleeding of kidney. The use of vegetarian food is recommended especially when afflicted.

2. In Taurus. This position renders a person resolute, positive and persistent, gives perseverance, practical nature, quick witted and with foresight, good executive power, ability to organize and a good planner. Such persons don't feel disgusted by obstacles but face these successfully through determination, diplomacy, confidence and inner force. Gain through occupation, free expenditure and pleasure .ind good earning power. Gain through legacy and property, Domestic disharmony and also with opposite sex.

When afflicted, makes one obstinate, headstrong, difficult to manage, vindictive, reckless and wasteful. Loss of money and property. one becomes of hasty violent and of irritable nature. Powerful opponents, legal difficulties, loss of legacy, unfavourable unions, some scandal and monetary difficulties.

Disease indicated are affliction of throat, boils, back muscles, rheumatism, diphtheria, bleeding through nose, venereal sores, defective live winking of sex organs etc.

3. IN GEMINI. Very observant, witty, Sometimes enemies among friends, intelligent, quick at speech, vigilant, active, above board, honest and studious. Inventive, forceful, desire for educational attainments. Fond of reading, can speak and write well, travels, quick at conclusions and more than one union, two attachments at the same time of affection for a relation.

When afflicted sarcastic, harsh speech, troubles, through neighbours, friends, relations and opposite sex, also through travelling, broken education and of restless mind. Indecision and lacking in concentration. Injuries to head and arms, shoulders and collar bone.

Diseases indicated are haemorrhage of lungs, bronchitis, coughs, cuts, fractures and wounds. The chest be kept warm and blood pure.

4. In Cancer. Fiery planet in watery and debilitated sign of Mars indicates more imagination than in reality, too strong feelings for domestic life, big deals and achievements astonishing the world which may end in fantastically exaggerated story. Fond of personal freedom, but inclined to assist others with advice and deed. Bold, fearless, ambitious, industrious, sudden out bursts of temper and irritable tendencies. They are independent and rebel against authority. Fitness for medicine or surgery. Liking for occult sciences.

When afflicted, one may have trouble in domestic life, separation with mother and wife. Worries, annoyance, sorrows and changes of residence. Troubles through land or property and inheritance. Loss through fire, storms, theft and electric short circuiting etc. Danger through water, difficulties at close against infections, beware from opposite sex.

Diseases indicated are indisposition, sight troubles, stomach bleeding, vomitting of blood, dyspepsia, accidents through fire and miscarriages etc.

5. In Leo. Fiery planet in fiery sign enhances the energy, causes irritation in nature, bellicose, provocative, fearless, independent and enterprising. One believes in honest working. Loyal by nature, he gets success and fortune through public appointment, Government affairs, gain by speculations, investment and industrial concerns also through persons in power and authority. Social, strong Willed and fond of company, temperament is vehement and thoughtless. The native is enthusiastic, warm hearted, ardent in love, unrestrained in emotions and passions. At times they are strong in arguments and likely to arouse opposition and enemies. Broad minded, liberal, keen sense of justice, adventurous, inventive and gain of money late in life. This position indicates liability to accidents or injury.

When afflicted, it indicates hot tempered, fond of taking risks, irascible disappointments in love, separation, death or some irregularity in the union. Troubles through superiors and loss through inferiors. Accident and loss through fire, impulsiveness and haste in love affairs may cause disappointments.

Diseases indicated are heart affliction, enlargement or palpitation or heart, fainting, fits, apoplexy, sunstroke, malaria and throat troubles etc.

6. In Virgo. Successful in scientific pursuits but struggles in life. Analytical, active, intelligent, nature for recovery or inventions, ups and down in life may be safeguarded. Gain through foreign export, import and general business. Quick to understand, yet cautious, diplomatic, a capable worker and practical. One has scientific mind and power to resist diseases. Many relations with inferior persons of opposite sex.

When afflicted, makes the native critical, worried, shy persons or irritable, discontented, hasty, proud, obstinate, reserved and false associations.

Diseases indicated are liability to accidents, troubles through labour, difficulties, and strikes, hernia, appendicitis, enteritis, disturbed liver, contagious diseases. Diet of right type be taken strictly.

7.In Libra. Mars in Libra indicates an ardent, rash, impulsive and passionate love. Much influence of opposite sex who has control over the native. Clear vision, perception and observation faculties, enterprising, holds a good position. Fond of refined occupation, business or profession. Affectionate, sympathetic, many learned friends, opponents, rivals, open and secret critics and of intuitive mind.

When afflicted renders the native passionate, many disappointments, separation, broken ties and difficulties in love also with friends, associates and relatives. Harsh tempered, argumentative, unfaithful, tyrannical and influenced easily by others.

Diseases indicated are kidney troubles, inflammation of the pelvis, kidney bleeding, headaches, sun stroke and fever.

8. In Scorpio. Energy and pushing force should not be restrained but guided into the right direction in order to achieve something, otherwise one will ruin himself. Capacity to hardwork, executive power, somewhat selfish, rash, revengeful and passionate. The mind is acute, sharp, keen and diplomat, Capable specially in secret mission, hazardous work, liable to accidents and sudden or violent end. Fond of mysteries, and psychic research. Also Mars makes the native courageous, energetic, strong, positive, ingenious, autocratic, undaunted, goal once set will be achieved by him. Mars is in own sign.

When afflicted renders the native selfish, blunt, unsocial, ungrateful, quarrelsome, revengeful, extravagant and passionate. Troubles through employees, severe illness, accidents and operation. Loss and disappointment through opposite sex.

Diseases indicated are piles, fistula, bladder, irregular working of sex organs, premature birth, hernia, caustic urine, diabetes, appendicitis and throat diseases. The native is warned against infection, immorality, hydiena of the sex organ is advisable.

9. In Sagittarius. In addition to patience, perserverance, one will have a strong WILL power. Frank, generous, ambitious and at times impulsive in speech and actions. The mind is active, fond of arguments, good humored, independent views, brave, daring and fearless in opinion favours prophetic, inspirational and intuitional tendencies. Self acquired religious knowledge. One is fond of travelling, military and naval position. Gain through marriage, likelihood of more than one union.

When Mars is afflicted in Sagittarius, one becomes arrogant, foolhardy, inconsistent, danger through journeys and travelling. Loss through legacy, unfavourable employment, too much over-estimation and loss on that account. Disagreement with brothers, neighbours and cousins for whom this position is also not favourable.

Diseases indicated are inflammation of hip joint, fracture of thigh bone, cough, pneumonia, bronchitis, boils and typhoid etc.

10. In Capricon. Mars here in exalted sign gives self reliance, courage, patience, strong Will power, heroic nature, discouragements. Cannot suppress the natives energy to attempt again unless goal is achieved. Bold, ambitious, industrious and possess good executive power and authority. A good organiser and energetic. Friends among powerful people and occults. The mind is subtle and gains much by intuition. Liking for risks and speculations. Honours and fame in profession, good position of power and authority. Marriage for such persons brings an important change in one's life and indicate social gain.

If Mars is afflicted, the native becomes rash, impulsive, stubborn, over valuing himself, more feared than respected, vindictive, should guard against fall. One should avoid obstinacy, too much independence, otherwise he will suffer a loss. Should not act hastly, loss through persons in authority, opposition and separation from loved one, relatives and friends. False friends.

Diseases indicated are affliction of knees and joints, gout of knees, rheumatic fever, inflammation on the knee cap, chicken pox, small pox, dysentery and ulcer in the abdomen.

11. In Aquarius. A good debator, forcible and convincing. Success in life through one's own merits and activity. Gain in finance and social standing through business and marriage although there may not be any regularisation. Love for work and order, independent, passionate, one should avoid disturbed mind when one opposes him but should remain calm. Intellectual, quick witted and scientific. Fond of liteiature and occult studies, dogmatic in his opinions, he is .nil ric .ind a native of good.posit ion and refined tastes. If Mars is afflicted, one will be revolutionary, bombastic, make fractions, blunt, speculative, Suffers through opposition, separation of death of relations, loss through friends, loss through partnership etc.

Diseases indicated are fractures, sores on legs, skin eruptions, palpitation of heart, fainting fits etc.

12. In Pisces. Generous, anxious to accumulate wealth, bold receptive, sympathetic, affectionate and sensitive. Sometime they are gloomy, depressed and quite. Fond of popularity although may not get it much. Difficulties and misfortunes. Success in ordinary professions, gain through friends. Danger through water, more passions, disappointment in love, delayed marriage, and two attachments. Accident and trouble in feet.

When Mars is afflicted, one becomes a drunkard, has illicit love relations, financial loss, unreliable, many misfortunes and difficulties, trouble through friends and enemies, changes in life and false accusation.

Diseases indicated are painful feet, tumors, accidents, diarrhoea, defects in respiratory organs and affliction of feet etc.


When Mars is found afflicted in a horoscope, one should donate gold, copper, wheat, ghee, red cloth, red flower, red sandal wood, red copper and dal massor. Also :

1. Sweets and sweet food or patashas (made of sugar) be thrown in the running water.

Rewari made of sugar and till be thrown in the running water. For full details of upayes for Mars afflicted in a particular house, refer's author famous book. "Complete, Astro Palmistry." Also refer author's book; "Practical Remedial Measures".

You should also use Ruby or red coral in silver or copper of 9,11, or 12 Carats in 1st or 4th finger of Tuesday morning after offering prayers.