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The Moon rules the sign Cancer and gets exalted in Taurus but debilitated in Scorpio sign.

The persons ruled by Moon are sensitive, emotional and possess a love for home and kindred.

Strength of Moon is of special importance in the horoscope whether of bright or dark half, afflicted, combust etc, as it has considerable influence over the general, ordinary and daily life. When in transit it passes through various signs and houses and forms different aspects to the planets placed at birth, it produces daily conditions, events, feelings and states of mind or healthy accordingly.

So in view of the above, we detail the delineations of Moon in all the sign in an exhaustive manner, which should be evaluated thoroughly.

1. MOON IN ARIES. Such natives are enthusiastic in some directions. Sometimes irritable and liable to fits of anger. One insists on his own way, disobedient to his superiors, independent and self reliant. They will be very spontaneous, intense and usually optimistic. Inspite of opposition, they have courage and energy and carry through their ideas and other people with them as these are inspired by their enthusiasm and as they are practical.

Such persons are of changeable nature, cannot be held at one place, generally, quick tempered, impulsive, aggressive and persistant. Fond of travelling, and of original and independent ventures. Such persons should safeguard lest their feelings which are deeply moved. Mysticism or occultism of some kind is in his life. His occupation may sometimes involve secrecy or mystery or be of low class, may it be contrary to his nature.

When Moon is afflicted, some danger of drowning and trouble through women is indicated. Changes of occupation and position. Makes the native restless, rash and independent of other's opinion.

Diseases, indicated are such as headaches, insomnia, catarrha complaints and eye sight afflictions.

2.MOON IN TAURUS. Quite and impulsive, friendships, love and marriage. Conservative, determined, ambitious, acquisition of money of land, follows the conventional methods, gain from father's business or inheritance. Occupation favourables are those which are connected with the earth and its products and all dealings in such things, such as property dealer, heavy goods, old established business or sometime occupation of secrecy. Also favourable for occupation connected with water and liquids such as in Navy, oils and living near the coast. This is exalted sign of Moon.

One will have more sisters and brothers and will usually maintain happy relations with them throughout the life. One is sensous and material, but sociable and of good disposition. The natives are cheerful, kind hearted, helped through opposite sex, of good judgement, resourceful and unexpected difficulties. Great liking and gift for music and singing. Love of art, beauty and sweetness to life. Such persons should keep their feelings pure which will help and enhance their personality.

When afflicted, makes the native passionate, prone to exaggerate and deaf to reason and logic etc. Unfortunate through friends, love and sensitiveness.

Diseases denoted are throat afflictions, inflation of tonsils, goitra, eye disease if Moon is 29 degrees in this sign. Sexual disturbances.

3.MOON IN GEMINI. Agreeable, warm hearted, sympathetic, liberal minded, adaptive and of ingenius nature. It gives the native a desire for a busy varied life, in which one may learn and see much. Reserved in personal and domestic matters. This position causes certain duality, changeable emotions, a restlessness, seeking after truth. Lover of books and studies of scientific and literary pursuits. One is of active mind, changes his residences frequently, short journeys, goes out of home, and is quite social.

One may have step mother, brother or sisters. Lack of straight forwardness and honesty, gain through mother and her relations. Dislike quarrels through lack of caution, direction or prudence, apt to be drawn into embarrassing or difficult positions.

When afflicted produces restlessness, confused mind, doubts and reverse results of as shown above. Diseases indicated are of Lungs, Catarrh, bronchitis, asthma, lung consumption, rheumatism in arms and shoulders and nervous disorders.

4. MOON IN CANCER. Such natives are fond of ease and comforts at home, attached to home or family, friendly, social and changeable. They are greatly influenced by surroundings and are sensitive to outside influences. Superior nature, imaginative and emotional. When acting under the advice or direction of some competent man he will become fortunate. Good ability for acting, mimicking, expression of thoughts and emotions, music, painting or poetry. Moon is in own sign.

Such persons live near the water or travel by water, deal in liquids and fortunate with land, property and shipping. Good number of children. Insufficient self control, economical and not expert seriously.

When afflicted, they arc shy, timid, fearful without cause, very not careful for their own or other's interest. Diseases indicated are digestive troubles, anaemia, dropsy, fatness, cancer of stomach and epilepsy.

5. MOON IN LEO. Much vital force and moral courage, a source of courage to weaker persons, honest, sympathetic, open mind and generous in money matters are the traits of such persons.

Magnanimous, penetrating mind, positions of responsibility and prominence. Favourable for finances. Love of luxuries, pleasures perfumes, jewels, dress etc. Favourite of opposite sex, and a sincere lover, love of fine arts, unfavourable for father, good organising capacity, generally a leader or their associates.

This position of Moon has a tendency to uplift the native mentally and socially. Place him in position of authority, trust, respect and responsibility and inspiration for great achievements.

When afflicted makes proud, easily offended, conceited, over much feelings. One becomes fickle minded, sensitive and loss through women etc.

Diseases indicated are heart troubles, bad circulation of blood, impure blood, fits and eye diseases etc.

6.MOON IN VIRGO. The natives with Moon in Virgo have good intellectual power, good memory, trustworthy and fortunate through servants, easy going, irresolute, fond of science of general, quiet, somewhat irresolute, many friends specially among opposite sex, many short journeys and of very minute and of analytical mind.

Inner enjoyment becomes the cause of social neglect, helpful to others, have practical outlook for life, changes in professions and have secret sorrows through marriage. Such natives are fastidious, reserved, over discriminating, likelihood of some true attainments through self control and corrections.

When afflicted bickerings becomes a mania, irritation and overstrain of nerves. Troubles and separation in love and domestic life.

Diseases indicated are weak intestines, constipation, dysentery, colic pain, tumors in stomach, nervousness and eczema.

7.MOON IN LIBRA. This position favours or inclines to unions, partnership and general popularity. Fond of pleasures, society and amusements specially company of the young persons and opposite sex. Courteous, social, affectionate, agreeable, kind, sympathetic, warm heated, kind in manners and many friends. Fond of music and fine arts.

Favourable for marriage at early age, popular and attractive with opposite sex, gain through inheritance, lucky for house, property and comfortable conveyance. Much of his fate and many events of life will come about through the association of other persons, as he is greatly swayed and influenced by them. In ends to partnership and gain everywhere. Likely for a love marriage. Feelings will prove a good guide in all kinds of actions. Tranquility of thoughts and harmony in sensation is a must for success in life. Fond of agreements, concord and appreciations.

As regards marital relations. Such persons enjoy good domestic life, love the home and children. In case of any differences, he should maintain peace himself but not through the help of others. In some cases marriage may be helped or hindered (according to aspects) by (he parents cither of the native or of marriage partner.

They should leave the habits of postponing the things.

When afflicted, troubled love and domestic life, disappointments therefrom. Craze and wavering mind, delayed maniugc and dependent etc.

Diseases indic ated are kidney troubles, weak back, lumbago, stomal h troubles, headaches and insomnia.

8.MOON IN SCORPIO. Firm, determined and sell reliant are the persons who have Moon in Scorpio at birth. They i an alone stand the battle to life with coinage, enrigy ami haidwork. Conservative and averse to change, difficult to influence and may be very obstinate but for their purposes they will become very revolutionary and changeable. Sometimes they arc irritable, angry and revengeful, many children. Not favourable for mother and her side of the family. The position does not favour morality and may give habit of drinking, often causes coarseness in speech or manner and threatens some scandal to the native. One inclines to mediumship and psychism. Mufch love for occult sciences. Moon is in debilitated sign.

Fondness of pleasure, comforts and desires, can not tolerate any restrictions or oppositions. Danger through voyages. In female horoscope, indicates dangerous child birth.

When afflicted indicates disharmony in married life and difficulties with the opposite sex. Makes the persons passionate, sensuous, partial and vindictive.

Diseases indicated are bladder trouble, dropsy, kidney diseases, hernia, palpitation of heart and throat troubles.

9.MOON IN SAGITTARIUS. Argumentative, practical, determined, firm and self confident, pushing drive, gain and success. Fond of pleasure and fulfilment of desires. Energetic, forceful, independent and aggressive. Courageous and positive. Continual desire for knowledge, very sincere but somewhat sensitive. Good vitality, leadership, attraction for open journeys, voyages, sports and physical exercise. Strong love nature and fond of pet animals. Fond of religious belief even if it be orthodox.

Some inclination for mysticism, psychism and the occult, one is natural teacher or preacher, claivoyance, tendency to dreaming and somnambulism. Two or more changeful occupations. If afflicted reverse results than above, also self indulgent, unsteady, changeable and insubordination.

Diseases denoted are weak hips and thighs, broken limbs through accidents, affliction of nervous system, intestinal disorder, constipation and asthma.

10.MOON IN CAPRICORN. This position of Moon renders the feelings strong and steadfast and produces reliability, but hinders, however, the expression of the feelings. This indicates also caution and care in money matter, too cold and calculative nature and at times too regardless of the feelings. The native feels thirst for moral and social advancement. The native comes before the public, may be popular or notorious.

If Moon is well aspected by Sun may make the native a respectable and prominent. One can be a good administrator, ruler or leader. Great sense of honour, but opposition and loss through enemies is indicated. Fame and honour. Wealthy, intelligent, a good social worker and ambitious.

If Moon is afflicted, there will be a possibility of death, or separation of wife and partners, there maybe disharmony, difference of age, social position and possession. Lack of creative energy, selfish, eccentric, chaotic and inclined to upset things.

Diseases indicated are affliction of kidney, dyspepsia, constipation, eczema and acid in urine etc.

11. MOON IN AQUARIUS. Active, agreeable, and courteous. Sympathetic, happy, optimistic, love for work, fond of company of fine and good people.

It tends to political, education and scientific work. One may be interested in Astrology, occult matters, secret societies etc. and gives liking for strange and curious, occasionally feel sorrows and changes through friends. It increases the imagination, intuition, and mental sensitiveness. Gain through inheritance.

When afflicted, denotes doubtful nature, lazy, self indulgent, native can be led astray easily. Unfavourable for marriage for males and for the mother also for constitution and nervous system. Eyesight may suffer.

Diseases indicated are general weakness, anaemia, fainting fits, heart affliction, ulcer, blood poisoning and hysteria.

The native is quite, retiring and easy going. Restless, fond of society and variety. Irresolute and not always to be depended upon. Such natives are restless, easily discouraged, meet with obstacles, oppositions and misfortune in life. It favours travelling specially by water, change of residence and have liking for things, romantic, peculiar and sentimental.

The native is warned, against exaggerating his feelings, kind, benevolent, comforts, diversity, obstacles of life makes him down-hearted, easily discouraged and feel-irresolute. They should not remain alone.

Not much favourable for love affairs as this position indicates inconstancy. One may have a corpulate body. They are very receptive, inspirational, mediumistic and responsive to psychic conditions generally. Suffer through misunderstandings.

If afflicted, one is of doubtful nature, lazy, self indulgent and one can be easily led astray.

Diseases indicated are general diseases, tendency to take alcohol and narcotics, weak lungs, consumption and diseases of the bowels.


When Moon is afflicted in birth chart, one should donate silver, rice, mild, curd, condensed sugar (Mishri), white cloth, white flowers and white horse.

A container of water or milk be kept towards your head in the night and be served to kikar tree in the morning.

One should use Moon stone or blue sapphire in silver in 4th finger of 2,4,6, 7,8 or 9 carats on Monday morning after worship etc.

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