Significance of Ganesha Trunk, Ganpati, Why to worship left curved Trunk Ganesha ?

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Significance of Ganesha Trunk

Trunk of Ganesha The trunk of Ganesha is usually curved or twisted. The shape of the curved trunk symbolizes OM or the primordial sound. Ganesha uses his trunk to destroy the obstacles and turn them into opportunities for growth.

Why to worship Left curved Trunk Ganesha ?

Because Left curved trunk Grants Material Success

The trunk facing left is considered to be the direction of victory or success. It stands for material gains and prosperity. In most households one can see Ganesha idols with trunk facing left. The position of Ganesha`s trunk holds a symbolic meaning. The trunk curved towards the left is called Vamamukhi. Vam means the northern direction or the left side. The cooling chandra nadi or Moon`s channel is situated in the left trunk of Ganesha. It bestows tranquility, bliss and success in worldly pursuits.

Left Trunk Ganesha are kept at homes for eradicating doshas relating to vaastu. Left trunk Ganesha is called Vaastu Ganesha. Left trunk Ganesha is believed to face Gouri, his mother. This brings in auspicious and positive vibrations at home. Ganesha`s trunk should face the direction of his mother Gouri for good benefits.

The left curved trunk of Ganesha usually holds sweets or modak. This signifies prosperity and abundance. It helps in the fulfillment of desires and wishes. It is called Idampuri Vinayaka.

Right curved trunk Grants Moksha

The right curving trunk stands for salvation or moksha. This form of Ganesha idols need to be worshipped as per Vedic norms and tradition. Right curved trunk Ganesha statues are usually worshipped in temples and religious places. It is called VaIampuri Vinayaka.

Right curving trunks of Ganesha have pingala nadi or Sun`s energy flowing through it. This helps in the quick fulfillment of goals and achievements. But if due ritualistic worship is not done regularly then it burns away the results coming on the way.

Hence householders avoid worship to such forms of Ganesha at home and choose to worship the left trunk Ganesha idols.

Ways to worship left trunk Ganesha:

When one worships Ganesha with sincere devotion, one obtains the blessings of Sidhi and Ridhi. Sidhi and Ridhi are the two divine consorts of Ganesha who stand for success and prosperity.

One earns the grace of the Lord by simply offering fresh blades of Durva grass, rice flakes, modaks, and ladoos. Ghee lamps can be lit with offering of flowers to gain benefits of wealth, fulfillment of heart`s desires and divine blessings.

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