Birth of Kaamdev - Story of birth of kama by Goddess Lakshmi and Vishnu

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Birth of Kamadev , Removal of curse on Maa Lakshmi

Vishnu and Lakshmi are the parents of the god of love, Kama. One day when Surya's son Revanta was riding past Vishnu's heaven Vaikuntha on horseback, he caught Lakshmi's eyes. When she saw his horse she was reminded of the divine horse Uchhaishrava which also appeared during the churning of the Sea of Milk.

Noticing his wife's distracted air, Vishnu asked her why she was staring at the handsome Revanta but Lakshmi did not reply. A jealous Vishnu then cursed Lakshmi that as she was so interested in a horse and its rider, she would descend to earth and be born as a mare.

Lakshmi protested at the injustice of the curse and wanted to know how she could be released from it. Realising his mistake, a remorseful Vishnu said that she would be freed from the curse when she gave birth to a son. Lakshmi then camc down to earth as a mare and began the severest of austerities at the confluence of the Kalindi and Tamasa rivers. She prayed to Shiva and Parvati and when the divine couple finally answered her prayers she told them of her predicament and begged Shiva to give her a son.

Instead, Shiva sent a messenger to Vishnu with the request that he should come down to earth as a horse and release Lakshmi from her predicament. Vishnu could not refuse a request from Shiva and obeyed. A son was born to Lakshmi and Vishnu who was named Kama or Madana, the god of love and he is their only child. Free of the curse Lakshmi could then return to Vaikuntha.


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