Why we should not see the moon on ganesh chaturthi

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Tale of Lord Krishna & Syamantaka

Why we should not see the moon on Ganesha Chaturthi? Once Lord Krishna, (a form of the three main God of Hindus, Lord Vishnu) was staying in the Kingdom of Ugrasena, where celestial Vedic sage, Narada visited him. Narada reached his lord’s room with an intention to see his smiling face and redeem himself of all the troubles and worries but he was faced with a contrary situation. Lord Krishna was in a dejected mood. Instead of a pleasing smile, his face reflected worry & frown. On seeing this, Narada asked:

“What happen to the beautiful face of my dear Lord?
What is it that is creating trouble in your path”.

Seeing Narada, Lord Krishna replied, “I am faced with a grave situation, which has led to his worries & troubles in my life.” Narada was shocked to hear this and asked in bewilderment, “ The almighty god can’t be troubled by petty events. What is it that has led to this state?”

Lord Krishna narrated the events of the past few days and told him about Satrajit, a man living in the subsidiary kingdom of Ugrasen. He mentioned that Satrajit worshipped the Sun god and was successful in pleasing him. Due to which, Sun God fulfilled his wish of giving him the powerful Syamantaka gem. The gem had the ability to produce multiple wealth and gold in high quantity everyday.

Narada’s eyes widened in astonishment. Lord Krishna continued and said that Satrajit shone so brightly that people of Mathura mistook him as the Sun god when Satrajit had come to visit Lord Krishna. He added, “Syamantaka gave as much as 170 pounds of gold to Satrajit everyday.” When Lord asked Satrajit to give the gem so that he can give it to the high priest of Ugrasen, which will benefit entire humanity, Satrajit refused and instead placed the gem in a personal temple. Narada instantly realized the mistake on part of Satrajit and said, “The foolish man missed a big opportunity of surrendering himself to the almighty Lord in desire of material possessions.”

Lord Krishna said that Satrajit had become pompous and he gave the gem to brother Prasena who went hunting wearing it on his neck. In a battle with a lion, Prasena got killed and the lion took the gem. A bear (the bear king, Jambavan) came and fought the lion, killed him and took the gem for his children to play with. When Satrajit heard of his brother’s demise, he accused Lord Krishna to have killed his brother for the desire of to own the gem.

To sort out the entire mystery, Lord Krishna went to the find Parsena’s corpse, which lead him to Jambavan’s kingdom, where he saw his son and daughter playing with the gem. Jambavati (Jambavan’s daughter) thought of Lord Krishna to be an intruder and shouted. This angered Jambavan and he battled the lord for 28 days. When he finally lost of fatigue, Jambavan realized it was the almighty Lord Krishna and he pleaded for forgiveness. Lord forgave him and on his insistence married Jambavati and got her home. Satrajit also realized his mistake and gave the gem to Lord Krishna, who gave it the high priest to be used for the welfare of the world.

Narada, asked him, “All seems to end well my lord. Why the frown now?”

“I am thinking why did it happen in the first place?” Lord Krishna replied.

Narada mentioned of a tale, which caught the fancy of the lord, and he asked him to narrate the story.

Narada’s story went like: Lord Ganesha (Son of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati) had a sweet tooth. Once his devotee offered him sweets and because of is weakness for the same, he accepted the offer. He spent the whole day hogging on the sweets. At night when it was time to go home, he carried the remaining sweets home with himself.

As he was walking, he stumbled on a stone and fell down. The sweets scattered and his clothes got torn. Embarrassed, Lord Ganesha collected all the sweets and looked around, if anyone had seen him. He found that the Moon God or the Chandra Dev had seen everything and was laughing at his plight. Those days the Moon was full every night.

Lord Ganesha was angry to be mocked at and cursed the moon for being full of vanity and pride. The Moon immediately realized his mistake and rushed to Lord Ganesha ‘s feet and seeked forgiveness. When Lord Ganesha realized that the moon is repenting from his heart, he was quick to forgive him. But his words could not come back now, therefore, he told the Moon that you will disappear but will start to reappear slowly in 15 days time. But there would be one day when there will be no moon at all. Chandra Dev breathed a sigh of relief.

Lord Ganesha added that since you made fun of me on Chaturthi, those who will look at you on Chaturthi would face troubles in their lives & allegations.

After listening, Lord Krishna realized that he had seen the moon on 4th day of Bhadrapada and that is why all the trouble happened. And then he blessed the world by saying that those who see the moon on this day will only be redeemed if they listened to his & syamantaka’s tale & how the Lord redeemed himself of the curse.

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