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Powerful Dreams Oil

Powerful Dream Oil helps to induce prophetic dreams, visions and clairvoyant states of of consciousness. Power Dream Oil is the blend to help you deepen your wisdom, broaden your psychic abilities and discover the power of your own intuition. It also has the ability to help promote a more restful experience while you sleep.

Ways to use this oil:

Using Dream Oil prior to go to sleep.

Rub some on your temples and anoint some along your third eye which is located in the middle of your forehead.

You can also make a simple dream pillow by simply putting some uncooked rice in a muslin back.

Anoint some dream oil on the pillow and put it under your regular pillow before you go to bed.

You can also add some oil to a bath prior to going to bed.

Dream Oil can also be used during meditation, yoga or any type of body-mind exercise.

Just remember to keep a journal at hand so you can write down your thoughts and dreams.

You may also anoint some on a purple candle and light before bedtime or prior to any type of divination work.

Use Dream Oil in a diffuser and have had great success with this approach.

Caution: Do not ingest. Do not use if pregnant or have epilepsy.

Powerful Dream Oil
Powerful Dream Oil
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