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Protection Oil

Protection Oil is to protect one from all the harm thatprotection oil enemies can devise. It creates a Wall of Protection around you and is said to be the best answer to malicious spells, jadoo, tone and totkas, directed against you and your loved ones and it also puts up a powerful shield against gossiping co-workers or jealous rivals. It is a very strong combination (Blend) of Herbs and Essential oils like Dragon's blood (herb), basil, frankincense and many others to protect you from all possible harms.

In our normal everyday lives we are influenced - mentally and emotionally-by many things. We absorb and shed these influences, giving them no thought. We may also begin to expose our-selves to people who may not be particularly well disposed toward us. We need to learn to protect ourselves as our awareness of the divine reality gradually increases.

There are a number of ways by which we are influenced by others. The most obvious way is through conversation. And we are all aware of advertising and that it influences us. But how many of us are really conscious of the effects of advertising and persuasion in our daily lives? When we are not aware of how we are influenced by something that is so apparent in our lives, is it any surprise to find that we completely ignore the more subtle influences which daily impinge upon us?

Human beings exist mentally and emotionally as well as physically. When we are influenced, either by another person or by an advertising campaign, we are responding to conscious mental influence. When we are influenced by another person (or by a group of other people) to behave in an uncharacteristic way, we are usually responding to subconscious mental influences.

It is not intended to create harm, only to give protection, thus it is safely used by folks who want to keep their 'karma' pure. We have received 100% positive feedbacks from our esteemed clients using Astroshastra Magic Oils . People fearing with nazar to their prosperity or someone doing black magick on them is prevented by its use.

How to use this oil:

Sprinkle the drops of oils on the doors of your home.

Use the Oil to dress any wooden furniture or metal surfaces such as door knobs in your home.

Add 13 drops of oil to an atomizer filled with spring water and spray around your home, car, office or wherever you need the protection.

Apply several of Fiery Wall of Protection to your body in an upward motion from feet to head.

Dress a white (for clearing) or purple (for power) candle with several drops of oil in an upward motion.

Caution: Do not ingest. Do not use if pregnant or have epilepsy.
protection oil
Protection Oil
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