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Fast Money Oil

Fast Money Oil Oil is to attract fast money. Fast Money oil can be used when you are in dire financial need. Rub a drop of this magical oil into your wallet to call good fortune to you or use to dress yourself. Use this oil to attain money from sources you didn't know existed!!! Watch as money comes to you from unlikely sources. Rub it on all your money. As you spend the money, it will double coming back. Watch as money comes to you from unlikely sources. You can anoint yourself on your wrists, forehead, chest and neck for triple strength.

Anoint your forehead with this oil when you are making decisions concerning money, such as which type of job to look for; should you gamble at this time; etc.

Rub this oil on Jade and carry it with you to bring fast money.

Brings business success when burned with incense.

Ways to use this oil:

Wear the oil as a personal scent to attract Money, to make an impression while performing or to bring in clients or customers.

You can use the oil to dress yourself, your money, or a physical location where you would like to increase trade.

Add 10 drops to an atomiser bottle filled with spring water, shake and spray in your work and/or living environment.

Dress a green (money) candle with Fast Money oil, rubbing it on in a upward motion.

Caution: Do not ingest. Do not use if pregnant or have epilepsy.

Fast Money Oil
Fast Money Oil
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