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04. 06. 2023

Rudraksh Bracelets

Rudraksh Bracelets - Combination of rudraksha beads with small five mukhi rudraksha, Parad beads, Crystal beads, Lotus seeds to make an auspicious combination to strengthen your aura. A tool to create positivity around your with the help of rudraksha, crystal and Parad. Astroshastra has combined the power of amazing Parad, crystal and Rudraksha beads in the form of Bracelets for negating bad energies and protecting you from evils.

You can order for custom made Bracelets with the beads you wish to have. You can provide us with birth details of the person , who has to wear them and we would send the bracelet energized in his/her name. Explore the wide variety of exclusive and highly energized Rudraksha Bracelet available online , shipped worldwide at Astroshastra.

Astroshastra is committed to provide world with rare source of energy with purity and certificate of authenticity. Our products are not only genuine but are sent after being energize by rituals mentioned in ancient vedic literature.

Adam's Pagination

INR:2151 USD:26.02
Lakshmi Ganesh Bracelet

INR:11000 USD:133.06
Fourteen Mukhi Indonesian Beads Bracelet

INR:8000 USD:96.77
Thirteen Mukhi Indonesian Beads Bracelet In Th

INR:24750 USD:299.38
Twelve Mukhi Indonesian Beads Bracelet In Thre

INR:28875 USD:349.28
Twelve Mukhi Indonesian Beads Bracelet In Silv

INR:4000 USD:48.39
Eleven Mukhi Indonesian Beads Bracelet In Thre

INR:2950 USD:35.68
Ten Mukhi Indonesian Beads Bracelet In Thread

INR:13590 USD:164.39
Ten Mukhi Indonesian Beads Bracelet In Silver

INR:625 USD:7.56
Seven Mukhi NepalBead In 7mm Rudraksh Bracelet

INR:450 USD:5.44
7 Mukhi Indonesian Bead In 5M Bracelet

INR:1575 USD:19.05
Seven Mukhi Indonesian Beads Bracelet

INR:650 USD:7.86
Seven Mukhi Nepal Bead In Crystal Bracelet

INR:600 USD:7.26
7 Mukhi Indonesian Bead In Crystal Bracelet

INR:2425 USD:29.33
Seven Mukhi Nepal Bead In Parad Bracelet

INR:650 USD:7.86
Seven Mukhi Nepal Bead In Amythest Bracelet

INR:625 USD:7.56
Seven Mukhi Indonesian Bead In Amythest Bracelet

INR:450 USD:5.44
Seven Mukhi Nepal Bead In Lotus Seed Bracelet

INR:325 USD:3.93
Seven Mukhi Indonesian Bead In Lotus Seed Bracelet

INR:1200 USD:14.52
Seven Mukhi Indonesian Beads Silver Bracelet

INR:1680 USD:20.32
Seven Mukhi Nepal Bead In Silver Bracelet

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